Vineyard Vines for Target Returns are Coming In

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For my readers who were deeply disappointed by the quick sellout of the Vineyard Vines x Target collection, I have some happy news for you–the returns are coming into local Target stores and online inventory.   Although there are still over 10,000 Vineyard Vines for Target items for sale on eBay, a quick view of the listings reveals that there aren’t many bids on them.  I’m pleased to see consumers getting smart and refusing to pay the inflated prices for listings.  After all, if you are looking for Vineyard Vines  x Target, the chances are you can get a better price on the Vineyard Vines brand website or in one of their stores, than you would on eBay.

Vineyard Vines Returns Target

A sighting of Vineyard Vines for Target apparel back in stock at Target stores.

I visited my local Target store over Memorial Day weekend an saw quite a few items back in stock, including the white ruffle dress, print shirts and swimwear.  I snapped up the Vineyard Vines x Target rash guard for the $29. 99 price.  I bought it and wore it to the pool for a test drive, it’s a bit thinner than I’d like, but provides adequate sun protection at a reasonable price.

Vineyard Vines x Target housewares

Vineyard Vines x Target decor and housewares are still on the shelves waiting for buyers.

I also noticed many of the tote and whale travel/duffle bags back in stock for $40.00.  The Vineyard Vines for Target swim cover ups were back too, although not nearly as attractive as they look in the pictures on Target’s website.  There were also plenty of the housewares on the shelves, as it looks like most of that stuff never sold out.

I know some of my readers were disappointed that they weren’t able to get the Vineyard Vines x Target collaboration because it featured Women’s ‘Plus sizes, which the Vineyard Vines brand doesn’t carry.  Please check the Target website for the items you are looking for, and you can see where there may be “Limited Stock” at stores, or items available for online ordering.  If you want your Vineyard Vines x Target I recommend making a trip to a Target brick & mortar store to get the items you want.  You might even find the best selling Rough Seas Women’s Tie Dress  back on the racks.

Target’s return period for the Vineyard Vines x Target limited-edition collaborations was 14 days instead of the standard 90-day return policy.  Since the collection launched over 14 days ago on May 18th, it’s to be expected that the Vineyard Vines for Target collaboration is finding it’s way back to Target.



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