The Solution to the Liquidity Crisis is Here! CH Wine

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Wine producer Cameron Hughes is offering our readers a Recession Wine special. Last week, poor Cameron looked at his 401K statement & realized he needed a bottle of wine with that statement! To his shock, he discovered that his plan had taken a 32% “haircut” in the span of about two months. Ouch.
In recognition of this, Cameron Hughes’ wine is offering a 16% off wine special. Says Cameron , “We just lived through the biggest financial meltdown most of us are likely to see in our lifetime and serious times call for serious measures. If Paulson and Bernanke can shoot a trillion bucks into the economy we can contribute 16% to get folks in the holiday mood. Serious times call for serious measures and someone has got to solve this liquidity crises – as self-appointed Chairman of the WineFed I am opening up the taps! ”

Bravo Cameron! That’s the spirit. Its high time someone took the raines and appointed themselves Chairman of the WineFed 🙂 This is precisely the type of government appointment we’ve been waiting for. In case you don’t know, Cameron Hughes offers great wine. Check out the 2006 Lot 73 Cabernet Sauvignon rated 90 points by Wine Spectator. And its cheap & cheerful at $16.00 US.
So for a limited time, you can enjoy 16% off all Cameron Hughes Lot program wines and all previous shipping discounts still apply (please use the “oscar” coupon code for 50% off shipping and, as always, you’ll receive FREE shipping on all orders over $300). This offer expires Sunday, November 9th. You will see the 16% off show-up in your cart as you are buying the wine.
Thank you from all recessionistas to the new Chairman of the WineFed!

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