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Anti-Aging Secret: Dr. Halland Chen’s Pure Glow Laser Facial

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Sample Laser Treatment on the Face

One question I’m starting to receive from readers is “What are the best anti-aging treatments for the face ? ” Well, there are many things you can do to strengthen the muscles in your face via products. Diet and hydration also are very important. But one new treatment I recommend and have now done twice is the Pure Glow Laser Facial by Dr. Halland Chen.  Dr. Halland Chen is a Specialist in Regenerative  Medicine.  When I go to him, I know that he has the expertise to take care of my skin, do a thorough evaluation my skin and tailor the laser treatment to my particular skin issues. I get fantastic results from this facial.  I see a lot of so called “medical spas” and small laser treatment facilities springing up that offer everything from “lipo-light laser” treatments for weight loss to laser facial treatments.  All I can say readers, is if you are going to have a laser treatment on your face, please go to a trained dermatologist who is board certified like Dr. Chen.  Here are some of the unique differentiators about the Pure Glow Laser Facial and new Organic Enzyme Peels offered  at Dr. Halland Chen’s New York City office on Park Ave (conveniently located near Grand Central Station.) 


The Author after receiving the Pure Glow Laser Facial from Dr. Halland Chen

Back in January, I first visited Dr. Chen to get the Pure Glow Laser treatment.   During that first meeting and evaluation, Dr. Halland Chen told me that it’s recommended to have at least three Pure Glow Laser Facial Treatments to maximize results.  Even after three treatments, you can go back to keep deriving benefits from the treatment. After the first treatment, I my skin definitely had a rose glow and a reduction in some fine lines.  Even better, two to three months after the treatment I was still deriving benefits  because the laser treatment stimulates blood flow to the treated areas and stimulates collagen, the body’s natural anti-aging and moisturizing product. This visit, Dr. Chen suggested we could turn the laser up a bit more to try to tighten up some of the large pores I have on my nose. Yes, the laser treatment can actually reduce pore size, which means fewer black heads and white heads which clog your pores and just look awful on your skin.   As with the first treatment, my second Pure Glow Laser Treatment was painless.  Dr. Halland Chen does a thorough job with the laser, but he never overdoes it. I’ve heard so many horror stories of ladies getting laser treatments on their face who got burned during the treatment.  This is why it is recommended that you see someone who is an MD who is skilled doing this type of work.   Other benefits of the Pure Glow Laser Facial include:

  • Reduction of oily skin
  • Clearing of acne
  • Discoloration fades or disappears
  • Sun spots, dark or yellow spots
  • Increased even skin tone and texture
  • Scar shrinkage
  • Deep exfoliation of the skin surface and removal of dead skin.
  • Reduced inflammation, redness and rosacea

After your Laser Glow Facil, there is no done time.  I went to meetings and out to dinner on the day of both treatments immediately after the getting the facial. Other offerings at Dr. Chen’s Park Avenue office include some Organic Enzyme Peels that compliment the Pure Glow Laser Facial.   These  Peels, applied after the Laser Facial enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Three new enzyme peels are offered:
Organic Enzyme Mix#1 Pumpkin enzyme peel.  The Pumpkin peel infused with Glycolic, Lactic acid helps with uneven skin discoloration and is suitable for all skin type. This peel is recommended for all skin type especially effective for people with dry, mature/ aging, sun damaged hyperpigmented skin.

Organic Enzyme Mix#2 Cherry enzyme peel. The skin correcting cherry enzyme acts as a major exfoliant, using fruit acid as the major exfoliating agent the skin undergoes a major decrease in acne lesions, lines and pigmentation.  This peel enhances collagen production and brightness of the skin.This is recommended  for uneven and or problem skin including acne.

● Organic Enzyme Mix#3 Ferulic acid and apple stemcell collagen enzyme peel.  The final organic product used is skin
brightening ferulic acid and apple stem cell collagen, high in natural antioxidants,boosting ingredients that nourish and revitalize the skin thus
finally giving that silky soft skin.This is a antioxidant peel ideal for those who desire improvement in clarity texture and elasticity. Boosting with Illuminating Ferulic Acid Peel and Vitamin C & E Ferulic acid found in apple orange seeds helps with free radicals.

With these Enzyme’s you can pick the one best suited to you, and best of all the ingredients are full of natural ingredients and antioxidants.

If you’re visiting New York, or you live in New York City, it’s worth a visit to Dr. Halland Chen to pamper your skin.   I’m not the only patient who loves his attention to detail and skill with the laser facial read the reviews on YELP! and Healthgrades. If you’re coming to New York this July for the Blogher 15 event or in September for Fashion Week, it’s worth a visit to Dr. Halland Chen to get ready.

Dr. Halland.


About Dr.Halland

In addition to his cosmetic work, Dr. Halland is a Pain Management specialist. He is focused on non-surgical knee and spine treatments, with a special emphasis on Regenerative Medicine and organic options through the use of PRP, Stem Cells and natural supplements.

He applies his unique techniques for patients to address sports injuries, pain management conditions, & cosmetic anti-aging.

He is a Specialist for injection therapy and minimally invasive techniques.  Dr. Halland is dedicated to making his patients both feel healthy and look healthy.


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