Hunter x Target Review: Cheap but not Chic

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Because of sheer lack of enthusiasm, I’m late getting to my review of the Hunter x Target collaboration.   I visited my local Target store in California, and like most shoppers  I was very disappointed.   Hunter for Target landed with a resounding thud at  most Target stores on Saturday, and at many stores it was not a sell-out.

 Hunter for Target boots

A pair of men’s short rubber Hunter for Target boots left on the sales rack looked a bit battered.

There were no Hunter for Target Tall Boots. (The Hunter x Target Tall Boots have now been cancelled.) I saw one pair of men’s short boots and they didn’t look like the usual Hunter Boots–they looked cheap and almost cartoonish.

After all the hype, its hard to feel any love for Hunter at Target.  I predict that whatever is left in store, and there’s a fair amount at my store, will go to clearance. I also predict returns when online shoppers receive their items.  The rubber tote bags, pouch bags and beverage holders seemed flimsy. The  majority of the apparel is not a must have ( I do like the Hunter for Target Women’s Mesh Sleeve Sweatshirt and ordered one online. I have now received the sweatshirt and I do like it. )

I also ordered the Hunter for Target Women’s Varsity Swing Jacket in Olive for $35.00.  I received it and I like this lightweight, “wind breaker” type jacket. It’s a unique take on a Letterman jacket in polyester with a swing at the back. The jacket is roomy , so you can size down it you want it more fitted.  I like the roominess as it allows for layers, like sweaters, sweatshirts or scarves.

The  Hunter x Target towels and sun shades are items that Target already stocks in the other brands they sell–there’s nothing distinctive about them bearing the Hunter brand in terms of quality.

Hunter x Target apparel

Hunter x Target apparel waiting for someone to buy it at Target. It could be a long wait.

As everyone probably knows by now, the Hunter Tall Boots were “cancelled.” The boots that were available in store, were actually recalled at the register by clerks who said Target couldn’t sell them.   There are now a few of those boots that seem to have escaped recall for sale on eBay for $90.00! I hope no one buys these defective boots, remember you can buy original Hunter Boots at Nordstrom Rack for that price.

The few Hunter backpacks for sale went quickly—those and the duffel bags seemed to be the highest quality for the Target price.  The items that might have been of the best quality (the backpacks) were gone. However, even some of the backpacks have gotten poor reviews on for their quality.  Some reviewers note they have returned the Hunter for Target backpacks for poor quality.  Defects include magnetic closures that won’t stay closed,  stitching on the bags unraveling and crooked Hunter labels.

Hunter for Target Olive Green Romper

The Hunter for Target Olive Green Romper is not a “must-have” fashion item in my opinion.

Overall,  Hunter for Target was a big disappointment for Target shoppers.  Most of the limited quantity stock is now for sale on eBay and Poshmark.   This collection only has a 14 day return policy at Target, so resellers who don’t get their sale price will have to bring their Hunter x Target back to Target within two weeks to get a refund.  By then, I think Hunter for Target will no longer be a hot item for  shoppers.  Hopefully, Target learns something from this collaboration and puts a bit more care into the next designer line they do.  Shoppers were not shy about venting their frustration on social media about the overall poor quality of the collection and the lack of Hunter for Target Tall Boots.  The Hunter for Target collection is a perversion of the great British Heritage brand, not a quality imitation at a low price.

original Hunter Tall Boots

The original Hunter Tall Boots can be found on sale at Nordstrom.

If you love Hunter Boots, look for the originals on sale at Nordstrom Rack,  Nordstrom  or  SHOPBOP


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