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In case you hadn’t heard, the Home Shopping Network (HSN) has opened a new section of their site called The Dress Shop.  This is an ingenious marketing strategy for the Internet since the word dress or dresses harvests millions of searches and may bring searchers right to HSN.  The dress shop features a good selection of dresses, but is not overwhelming.   There are long evening dresses, work dresses and cocktail dresses.  But the dress shop doesn’t stop with selection, oh no.   The shop features a style quiz that is designed to help you find the right dress for your shape. HSN contacted me a few weeks ago to evaluate the dress shop and sent me a $100.00 gift card to buy something from the shop.   So how far does $100.00 take you in The Dress Shop? Well, that’s about enough for one dress, that is not clearance priced.  But I really wanted to test drive the Dress Shop so I threw in some of my own money, and ordered two very different dresses and styles.  One I loved, it’s one of the best dresses I have ever owned, because of the fit and comfort.  The other, I ended up returning.   Let me tell you all about it.  Indulge me on my shopaholic journey.

Pictured: The Recessionista’s Top Pick, the HSN Tiana B dress


I began my quest for the perfect spring dress using the style quiz, which is a terrific idea in and of itself. But in my opinion, the quiz is a gimmick.  “It” can’t see you.   You answer a few questions about what you like, and the quiz comes back and places a style label on you.  I was pegged as “effortlessly chic.” So true.  For better advice from a non-human, I like the left navigation bar section on the dress shop pages.  You can select dresses by color, size or shape and even price.  I checked out the recommendations for the “tear drop” shape (smaller on top, than at the hips) and found several good suggestions. But ultimately, those are only suggestions. You have to decide what might look good on you.  And that’s what lead me to the Tiana B “Go to Dress.”  The 23 reader reviews giving this dress a rave clued me into the fact that it might be a good deal and a good fit.  I ordered the dress in blue and was surprised when it arrived.  The fit and comfort exceeded all my expectations.  The Rayon Ponte Knit fabric is super comfortable.  The fitted waistband cinches at just the right place.  The soft darts and pleating make this lovingly drape your curves. It’s unbelievably flattering, even in the version with pockets at the hips, the dress falls in an uninterrupted line. For approximately $60.00 US, this is a really a good deal.  It’s more than a dress from Target or H&M, but less than something from Bloomingdales or Nordstroms. With the Tiana B Go to Dress,  the quality for price is there and it will last a while as the fabric is durable and it’s well made. It is dry clean only, but for this easy fit, I will go back to the dry cleaners. I’m sure it will travel well and unpack without wrinkles because of the Ponte Knit.

Pictured: My second pick, a sexy Iman Global Chic dress

So what was my second pick? I ordered the Iman Global Chic “Ultimate Glam” 3/4-Sleeve Ruched Dress. I just had to check out the HSN Iman line.  I love Iman,  She has great style. And I so enjoyed meeting her at the Rodeo Walk of Style. She truly is a fashion icon.   The  “Ultimate Glam” dress was a good dress, nothing wrong with it, but it did not look good on me.  I don’t have the long lean frame of an Iman.  If you do, this dress might look really good on you. It just didn’t work for me.   The Iman dress is also a definite Va-Va- Voom dress. I wouldn’t wear it to the office.  It hugged every curve and showed some cleavage too.  Which is fine.  It all depends what your looking for and what suits your personal style.  For approximately $70.00 US, it’s a bit pricey for a blend of polyester with some rayon thrown in.  But, it definitely has merit, if you’re looking for a supper sexy look for a special event.

Bottom line, the HSN Dress Shop has many choices, you just have to pick the dress that is best for you.  Read the reviews and find out what other users had to say.  Then use the automated web tools to make suggestions.  And finally, order what you think might look good on you, and don’t be afraid to return what doesn’t work.  The return label was thoughtfully included in my package, making returns easy & quick.  The dress shop includes regular women’s sizes as well as plus sizes.  So there literally is something for everyone.  The Dress Shop includes some fugly pieces as well as lovely ones, but just look at the pictures and the videos provided and you’ll be able to step carefully among the selection to find a something that might work fo ryou.


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