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It’s almost to good to be true. Hair products from a top Beverly Hills salon available at Target for under $15.00.  No, this is not a myth it’s a fact.  In Los Angeles, the Umberto Beverly Hills and LA salons are known as a mecca for those who want precision cuts, makeovers and even lunch delivered to their salon chair.   The salon carries their own hair products, brushes and even flat -iron products which are  carried by Target stores and Target online.  Reviews from Target customers are consistently high.   After visiting the salon, trying the products, and meeting Umberto himself, it’s easy to understand why Target customers love the Umberto hair care line.   The products are not only affordable, they are effective and all made in America.

The master: Umberto

The master: Umberto

Recently,  I had the pleasure of visiting Umberto Beverly Hills and getting a trim, collagen conditioning treatment and a blow dry styling from the owner himself, Umberto.  Umberto started styling hair as a barber in upstate New York.  His engaging personality, skills and ability to listen to customers took him from the barbershop to Elizabeth Arden and then to his own salon. Umberto gave my hair an amazing cut using a combination of small scissors and a scalpel like razor for precision, shaping and layering.   If you’re in Los Angeles and you need a good hair cut, Umberto is the man.    With more than 30 years of experience, Umberto knows how to shape hair to frame the face and add volume.  He also knows a good deal about the chemistry of hair products and processes.

His hair products are sulphate free (and that is good for the environment, and your hair,  since sulphates strip hair of color. ) Umberto recommends collagen, not Keratin  for conditioning,  That is because Keratin contains  formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen.  Collagen does not contain carcinogens. Umberto’s products are gentle on the hair, and surprisingly, all made in Carson, California.  Nothing is manufactured in China or outside the United States.   Umberto keeps the manufacturing in the US to maintain quality standards. All the products are made in America, employing American workers.

The Umberto products at Target have been on the shelves for some time, but the packaging has been recently updated. The  new packaging features sleek silver bottles with color coded labels to distinguish between collections, making it easy to build a regimen that suits your hair type.  The Green label/logo is for  moisture. The Orange label/logo is for volume.  The Blue label/logo is for styling. The Purple label/logo is for repair  and is sulphate free.

The Umberto for Target collection features more than 20 products including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair color and treatments. The prices from $4.99 – $14.99.

The Umberto Beverly Hills collection includes:


  • Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment ($12.99)
  • Repair Conditioner ($12.99)
  • Repair Shampoo ($12.99)
  • Repair Treatment Masque ($12.99)

  • Blow Dry Lotion ($12.99)
  • Curl Lotion ($12.99)
  • Dry Clean Dry Shampoo ($12.99)
  • Regular Hold Hairspray ($12.99)
  • Roman Oil Serum ($12.99)
  • Shimmer Shine Spray ($12.99)
  • Super Hold Hairspray ($12.99)
  • Super Hold Hairspray, 2 oz. ($4.99)

  • Controller Conditioning Spray ($12.99)
  • Moisture Conditioner ($12.99)
  • Moisture Gift Set 4 pack ($14.99)
  • Moisture Shampoo ($12.99)

  • Volume Boosting Foam ($12.99)
  • Volumizer Thickening Spray ($12.99)
  • Volume Conditioner ($12.99)
  • Volume Shampoo ($12.99)


I enjoyed my visit to Umberto and he gave me a great cut.  If you’re in Los Angeles and you have the opportunity , check out the salon in Beverly Hills. The prices for a haircut are surprisingly affordable.   One thing I like about Umberto, is despite his fame, he listens to his customers and takes a consultative approach.  My naturally curly  hair curled way too much for my taste after an application of his curling product, and he took the time to modify it because I was not comfortable with it.

Here are a few beauty tips from Umberto that you can use at home.

Beauty Tips from the Master–Umberto Beverly Hills

Conditioning: Give your hair a conditioning treatment with the Collagen Pre-Shampoo for $12.99.  The product is formaldehyde free, and gives hair and intensive conditioning to leave it shiny and full of body. I tried this product at the salon and left it on for 15 min before washing it out.  You can do the same at home.  To maximize the effect, apply the Collagen Pre-Shampo on dry hair,.

Curls and Waves at home:  It’s easy to give your hair shape and waves at home with old-fashioned electric rollers.  Simply, put the heated rollers in  one at a time. Put one in then then take one out. If you do them all at one time, you end up with a ridge line.  If you apply them one at a time, hair will look more even.

Hair Repair: Try the Roman Oil Serum  priced at $12.99.   This oil  is lightweight and designed to tame to summer frizzles with natural oils for Italy.

To learn more about Umberto at Target, check out the online reviews of the products. Umberto has been at Target since 2004 and has earned consistently high ratings from customers.



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  1. Lyn Jerzykowska

    August 24, 2013 at 8:58 am


    I’m interested in buying the the Umberto Beverely Hills Hair Shimmer Spray. Is it possible to deliver to the United Kingdon?

    Thank you for your help,


  2. Mary Ann

    December 13, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Do you still make the volumizer thickening spray? I have not been able to find it at Target.

    • Mary Hall

      December 14, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      Mary Ann, call Umberto Bev Hills salon to find that out. Thanks!