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Victoria Beckham for Target is a valiant effort by Target to bring customers a great designer collaboration for Spring at reasonable prices.  Does it achieve that objective? Well, yes and no. This is a hit or miss collection and it was clear to me shopping with a few other women at Target on launch day  that whether you will buy any of Victoria Beckham x Target depends on your personal style.  Do you want to wear bright orange or fuchsia? Do you feel comfortable with big lilies on your chest?  The women shopping with me this morning did not.  At the Target I was at there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm.  In many markets, Victoria Beckham is not a known brand name.  I predict that this isn’t going to be a sell-out like Lilly Pulitzer for Target was.  In California and New York, where Victoria Beckham’s upscale line is better known, this may be greeted with enthusiasm, but in the South and the Midwest, I don’t think it will be.

The cute “school mistress dress” popularized by L’Wren Scott a few years ago, looked great online. But when but when you see it in store, you’ll notice there are bunnies on the little collar.

Victoria Beckham for Target.

A fashion miss: most adults don’t want to wear bunnies on their clothing. This is the collar of the Blush Collared Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target.

As one fellow shopper said to me, “they look like evil bunnies.”  The bunnies are on the collar of the dress in blush and black, and they frankly ruin what would otherwise be a great piece. Look for this piece to end up on the Target clearance racks in a few weeks! (see my update on the returns and items on the clearance rack for Victoria Beckham at Target)

The scalloped edge tops are very cute, and good value.    The women’s gingham peplum top looks cute on the rack, but its very oversized.  I didn’t care for it on as there is too much volume in the peplum and it was not flattering.  In contrast, the navy sweat top with the lace applique is much better looking in person  and I bought one.  It’s nice dressed up top for casual wear.  The many sleeveless drop waist dresses are cute on the racks, but if you are a bit hippy, they might not give you the sleek fit that the advertisements show off.  These dresses are replicas of the Flounce hem dress from the Victoria by Victoria Beckham line, but the flounce hem dresses work as the colors are more muted and the dresses are just above the knee in length, not mini.  The result is a better fit with the Victoria by Victoria Beckham dresses, but they are also several hundred dollars more than the Target dresses.   This is definitely a case where cheap does not mean chic.

I liked the Orange Drop Waist Scallop Trim Dress, but didn’t buy it because of the slim fit in the hips and the ruffle for trim at the bottom. If you are not curvy, then you will probably love this dress, with the little tie at the back and the tiny black covered buttons.

Victoria Beckham Scarf with Bee Print at Target.

Victoria Beckham Scarf with Bee Print at Target.

One of my favorite pieces is the bumble bee scarf  with Marigold trim which I purchased in store. It’s charming and oh so very British.  For $30.00 this is a great accessory.

I was able to get the satin bomber jacket with the bumble bees by going to a second store.  The embroidered and appliqued bees on the back  are very cute.  I don’t know if I will keep it, as I have to confess I purchased it more because I knew it was sold out everywhere else.

VB x Target Bomber jacket with bees

My impulse purchase the VB x Target Bomber jacket with bees.

There’s always a risk of impulse shopping with these discount designer collaborations.  For the $70.00 price tag, it’s a good deal, I just don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it.

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection features prints with Calla Lillies for women and children.

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection features prints with Calla Lillies for women and children.

The English Floral prints and Cala Lillies aren’t as attractive in person as they were in the pictures on  The prints just don’t render as well.  They look like imitation Liberty of London, and not in a good way. The floral damask prints on the bomber jacket and shorts don’t work either as they look like drapery fabric.

The little girls dresses and the toddler dresses are adorable, and ultimately, these may sell better for Target than the women’s styles.  With Easter coming, these vintage style dresses with the floral appliques are perfect. The little plastic rain coat with applique flowers is also darling.

VB Target plastic raincoat

The plastic raincoat with the appliques is charming.

If you’re shopping online, prepare to place your order a few times.  My cart emptied at, after I signed into my account. I had to replace all my orders and order again. On the second time it did go through.  The Victoria Beckham website also seems to be having technical problems with UK customers reporting the same issues. Overall, is running better than it has in the past, but there are still technical difficulties that make the customer experience painful.  The back button, once you are in the collection doesn’t work, so you can’t easily navigate back and forth from piece to piece to keep shopping.  In-store shopping will be less frustrating, if you can get what you want in store.

Embellished Bug Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target

Women’s Black Embellished Bug Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target 

There a several online exclusives that will make you want to keep trying to get your Victoria Beckham order even if hiccups. I waited to get the dress with bumble bees, and was finally successful. I also ordered the peplum jacket and the black and white ladies sweater with the bell sleeves, both of which are online exclusives.  I didn’t order any of the bright colored prints as I thought they were too busy after seeing it in store.

Postscript: I’ve received my online orders, and I am disappointed and will be doing some returns. The  black and white ladies sweater with the bell sleeves is a keeper and fits well.   Sadly, the peplum jacket is a big miss.The fit is not flattering as the ruffle is placed too high on the garment.  The jacket has no closure except for one small gold colored metal hook at the collar, which doesn’t keep the two sides of the jacket in place very well.  Maybe Target was trying to save on manufacturing costs by not adding a zipper or a closure at the waist via a button or a hook, but this peplum jacket is poorly designed. I will go look for a better fitting one at Saks Off Fifth or Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Have you shopped Victoria Beckham for Target yet readers? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Some of my readers are already telling me on Twitter that they are “underwhelmed” by the collection.  Right now there are over 6,000 eBay listings for Victoria Beckham for Target.  Right now, I don’t see those getting many bids or going into the frenetic bidding that I saw for previous collections like Phillip Lim for Target or even Altuzarra for Target.  However, both those collections , especially the Phillip Lim for Target offered better quality and better fit.   Sadly, Victoria Beckham for Target has more misses than hits in my opinion.

If you bought any VB x Target, remember you have 14 days from date of purchase to return for a full refund. If you purchased with a RedCard, you have 30 days to make your returns.   Finally, if you are a shopper who missed this collection, check your local Target store in the next week as the returns will start to flow in.


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