Affordable Jewelry: Julie Vos semi-precious stone jewelry

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Julie Vos Jewelry

Julie Vos Jewelry

If you’re looking for beautiful costume jewelry that looks classy but won’t cost you hundreds of dollars, then you’ll want to have a look at Julie Vos.  Julie Vos jewelry is both beautiful and affordable.   Sometimes costume jewelry is  well priced, but looks cheap or tacky.  Julie Vos has a very upscale look.  And the best part? Most of  the statement pieces are under $100.00 .  With Mother’s Day coming up, a good piece of jewelry makes a great gift.   I recently discovered Julie Vos jewelry at the Lucky Fabb conference in Los Angeles.   Before attending the conference, I hadn’t heard of Julie Vos, so I have to tell my readers about this  fashionable jewelry that is not mass-marketed.  Julie Vos has been around since 2006 , but the brand keeps prices low by selectively advertising.

Julie Vos Peacock Earrings

Julie Vos offers necklaces, earrings, rings, cuffs, scarves & clutches.  The collection is full of striking blue tones .  I selected a gorgeous chain link necklace with pale blue stones and the peacock earrings (see picture above) for my personal collection.  If you’re looking for a good deal, check out the Friday specials on Julie Vos’ website.  Every Friday, one item is deeply discounted for sale.   Right now, the pretty tear drop shaped Southampton earrings on on sale for $55.00.    The delicate garden party bangles are priced at $26.00.

Isabella Bracelets

Another stand out piece from Julie Vos are the Isabella bracelets which you can buy in different colors and stones to stack for a stunning effect (see above.)   Costume jewelry remains one of the best ways to update and refresh your wardrobe at a low cost.   If you love a good statement piece and a bit of bling, check out Julie Vos.  The prices and classic designs are hard to resist.


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