Great Gatsby Style: Belargo Jewelry by Freida Rothman

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Belargo Great Gatsby

Belargo Jewelry 20’s inspired Gatsby pieces

One of my favorite fashion periods was the roaring twenties.The era of the flapper dazzles with lots of beads, pearls, cuffs with cut out designs, feathered headbands and tassel pendants.  We’re getting another chance to enjoy 1920’s fashions and jewelry with the release of the new  The Great Gatsby film.  If you love the 20’s styles like I do, you’ll want to take a look at Belargo jewelry by  Freida Rothman.  Look for Freida Rothman jewelry at Nordstrom and Amazon.Belargo  Jewelry offers pieces like the compass earrings, tassel pendants,  kaleidoscope cutout ring, and the tiara bracelet that look like reproductions from Daisy Buchanan’s jewelry box.   Most pieces are priced at under $175.00 and can be found for less on and sometimes eBay.

Compass earrings

Belargo Jewelry’s Compass earrings have a vintage vibe

I’ve been enjoying the large wildflower earrings that Belargo sent me for evaluation and review.   They have incredible detail on them, especially for costume jewelry.  The hops that the earrings dangle from have delicate little cubic zirconia chips in them for extra sparkle.   The 20’s color palette featured in The Great Gatsby is full of cream, lavender, light pink and white, so Belargo’s 14K gold, blush and platinum finished jewelry compliments those colors.  The wild flower earrings (above)  are set in 14k gold with hand cut cubic zirconia enhancing the hoops and gem settings.   If you’re a fan of the ’20s tassel style, check out the  Waterfall Drop Earrings  with the pearl tassels or the more expensive ($500. US) Gala Tassel Necklace.

If you’re not familiar with Belargo Jewelry visit their website, or look for them at Bloomingdale’s trunk shows and events.    What do you think of the 1920’s styles readers? Are you loving the resurgence of these vintage styles or  do you favor contemporary looks?

Note:  Belargo Jewelry sent me a pair of earrings for evaluation purposes, but I am not affiliated with Belargo Jewelry in any way and I am not compensated for writing this post.


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