Amid Fashion Downturn Kanye West’s YEEZY Heads to the Gap

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Some fashion partnerships are nothing more than marketing hype for some quick ink.  That’s how I feel about the news that Kanye West, aka Mr MAGA, is bring YEEZY to the Gap.  Just as the Gap pulls independent designer and 2020 Glow Up 50 honoree Telfar Clemens’ Gap x Telfar collaboration for Fall/Winter 2020, they announce this PR extravaganza  for the YEEZY brand.  Crazy right?

Gap Ghosts Telfar

Gap has signed up YEEZY and dropped Telfar’s collaboration.

Gap is seriously telling the world that Kayne is set to “disrupt” Gap stores in 2021.  

Gap in a press release says,   “This partnership brings the relationship between West and Gap full circle, as Kanye worked in a Gap store as a teen growing up in Chicago. Since then, West has become a disruptive force across music, footwear, fashion, architecture and more. This new partnership will introduce both the Gap and YEEZY brands to new audiences.”

Kayne x MAGA with the Trumps

Kayne x MAGA with the Trumps. Source:

How very sad.  With the Gap losing revenue and mind share, is YEEZY really the answer?  For my money no.  There’ll be nothing disruptive here, just a bunch of T-shirts and sweats with YEEZY on them.  Just what the world needs.  In the current climate where Black Lives Matter Protests are going on all over the globe,  the guy that wears a red MAGA hat and supports Trump doesn’t seem like a good bet to  save anything.   What’s next YEEZY + IVANKA x Gap?  YEEZY Gap promises to be as successful as Kanye’s appearance on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury.


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