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Beauty Product Review: M Steves Concentrated Rose Hip Oil for Skincare

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Pictured: The Luxury Look of M. Steves Beauty Products

A few months ago, new beauty product line M Steves invited me to a product launch at the London Hotel.  This new line of beauty products is the brainchild of attorney Mally Steves Chakola who became a believer in the healing powers of Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO) for rejuvenating her skin after using RHSO from the Andes to heal her own scars.   The full M Steves product line consists of cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging serums. I received samples of the products back in August to evaluate.  Well, as a busy working woman and blogger, I haven’t had time to try every single product in the line, but I have been regularly using and enjoying the Concentrated Rose Hip Seed Oil Skin Booster.  As a teenager, I suffered from acne and regularly used prescription strength Retin-A cream to heal my outbreaks.  Well, Retin-A is actually derived from Rose Hip Oil.   The Rose Hip Seed  Oil is the natural , unconcentrated version of Retin-A.  Rose Hip Seed Oil is loaded with Tretinoin the active ingredient in Retinol and Retin-A. There has been a lot of research done to show that the oil helps fade scars, stretch marks, calms inflammation and promotes skin health.  I have been using the M Steves RSHO concentrated oil nightly for the past 40 days and I have definitely seen its good effects on my own skin.  The product has helped to minimize  acne flare ups and even has helped to heal a small wart I’ve had on my face forever.  I’m definitely going to be trying to rest of the products in the M Steves line and maybe even mixing some of the Rose Hip Oil into my foundation to help boost my skin health during the day time.  I don’t do many beauty product reviews and it’s rare that I give one a rave, but M Steves Concentrated Rose Hip Skin Booster is worth trying.  The price is $64.00 which is much cheaper than the $200.00 Retin- A cream prescription from my dermatologist (which my insurance doesn’t cover.)  If you’re looking for something to promote the overall health of your facial skin, or heal scars on any part of your body, do check out the M Steves Concentrated Rose Hip Oil Skin Booster. It’s The Recessionista’s top choice for a natural product to promote skin health. The product is 100% vegan and 96.7% natural. It is also   wheat free and gluten free. It’s good stuff.  All the M Steves products contain RHSO as the magic ingredient to promote overall skin health.


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