A bit more of Wu: Jason Wu for Target Top Picks

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Pictured: This Jason Wu for Target Cream Dress is very Vintage Vogue.

Yesterday, the Target PR team sent over a bit more of Wu, Jason Wu for Target that is.  I now have the complete lookbook, and range of styles.  I can’t say that I am truly, madly deeply in love with this until I see the designs in real life on the racks, but…I do like the image of the Cream Dress with the full skirt and black lace underskirt (see picture above.) It reminds me of many 1950s little black dresses, produced by every leading designer of the time from Lilli Ann to Givenchy. The flared dress in cream, comes with a black patent pleather belt and will be priced at $59.99 US.

Pictured: The Jason Wu for Target  Milu Tote.

The other thing I’m liking is the Milu tote bag, featuring a cute red ribbon and the collection’s mascot, Milu the black cat.  This bag is priced at $39.99 USD. Target’s done a good job hyping this collection with most of the tier one media and blogs giving it a rave-up. I hope they have their website ready, otherwise they maybe creating another perfect storm for website crash.  Have any of you noticed all the Missoni items back in stock on Perhaps the result of eBay or other returns.  Meantime, thousands of Missoni for Target items are still languishing on the eBay auction site. My fellow blogger Target-Addict has an interesting story on her site about Target actually sending out some Missoni orders for free, and asking customers not to return them, but rather donate them to a charity if they no longer want them. I’ve personally seen Missoni for Target at my local Goodwill store, and will have to look there again this weekend, as I hear more is showing up at Goodwill stores around the US.  Why pay the eBayer’s inflated prices when you can find it at Goodwill?  What is shocking about the Missoni for Target comments on eBay forums, is that eBayers are now saying, they are going to Goodwill, getting the Missoni for Target items for cheap, and now listing them on eBay for more $$ than they paid at Goodwill.  How do you spell  RETAIL DEBACLE?


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