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Budgeting & Planning for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection

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Bella Thorne, Emmy Rossum, Kate Bosworth and Ellie Kemper model the new Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection, in stores and online April 19. Credit: Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc/Sipa USA for Target

This week in New York City Target held their usual pre-collection launch party. Celebrities Bella Thorne, Emmy Rossum, Kate Bosworth, Ellie Kemper and Camilla Alves all turned up in attendance in their Target for Lilly Pulitzer dresses for the cameras.  The photos from these events always go to every magazine and fashion website, resulting in deepening most consumer’s lust for the latest Target collection.  Many of us, already excited to get Lilly Pulitzer for a fraction of the brand’s retail price, will overspend on this collection just because we can. So here’s a few tips for budgeting and planning for you shopping tonight online or in the store tomorrow.


Camila Alves in Lilly Pulitzer For Target posing with Lilly for Target Accessories.
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Target

For me, it’s necessary to make a game plan BEFORE I got online or in-store and just start randoming buying or hitting the buy button (in the frenzy to get things before they sell-out.)  Although many items are priced under $30.00 and the top priced item is $150.00, if you go into Target tomorrow grabbing everything you can get, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars.  And if you do that, you won’t end up being frugal in shopping for Lilly Pulitzer for Target, you’ll actually spend too much.  I say this from experience with other designer collections at Target that I have shopped myself, and I’ve heard this from many of my readers.  How did I end up with not enough money to pay bills at the end of the month when I just went shopping at Target?    So, dear reader consider a few budgeting tips before you shop this collection.


Check your shopping history on mobile app MOVEN before you head out to buy

Budgeting Tips for Lilly Pulitzer for Target

  • Have a look at your current spending, savings accounts and credit card debt, before you go shopping for LILLY for Target. I find it helpful to do this and I like the interface of the Mobile App MOVEN. MOVEN is a free app that lets you import your spending accounts and check your finances from your Mobile Phone.  Carrying it into the store with you can literally be a reality-check.   You might see that you can’t afford 5 LILLY for Target dresses.  Maybe buying one dress for $38.00, or splurging on two dresses for about $80.00 or one dress and a handbag for approximately $70.00 is the way to go for the health of you personal finances.
  • Have a look at the Lookbook today at Target online and pick out the items you really want, and then add up what the total spending is before you buy.  That will help you decide if you really need, or will wear  the items on your wish lists.
  • Think about what you want to invest in,  fashion items or home decorations? LILLY For Target offers some great ways to decorate your home and your backyard for summer.   Maybe a LILLY hamock or chairs is a better long term investment than the cute vintage style shift dresses.

Planning Tips to shop for Lilly Pulitzer for Target

  • All Target stores will carry this collection starting Sunday, April 19th, 2015.  Stores open at 8 am .  Get there early to shop.  People start lining up before the stores even open.
  • If you are shopping for Plus-Sizes, don’t bother with the s stores, because Plus-Size will only be available online.
  • If you’re an online shopper, you might want to stay up late tonight, generally the new Target collections goes online around 2 am or 3 am in the morning hours.
  • Remember the return policy is just 14 days.  So you need to get the returns in quick! No more 90 days to do your returns.  You can’t return items after 2 weeks.
  • Avoid eBay, at least during the initial launch.  Hundreds of Lilly for Target items are already on eBay for Sale. Avoid spending more than retail for these items.   Remember if you miss out, there will always be some returns in store.

So enjoy Lilly for Target, just don’t get carried away. Price check items against the sales on Lilly Pulitzer’s website.   Keep track of your spending with tools like MOVEN and stay within your budget.  Remember, there are more budget fashion collections happening are retailers all the time as more and more designers produce budget offerings, so don’t feel like tomorrow is your only chance to get a great deal on fashion!


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