Celia Birtwell on SALE! Less than Tar-jay OR Walmart

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Listen up recessionistas! I haven’t blogged in awhile. The reason: the economy. Yes, I have been trying to hold down my spending, and not buy, CLOTHES. However, yesterday, I broke my non-spending strike at the Beverly Center Express Story as the fabulous Celia Birtwell collection was on sale, and not just a little markdown…this stuff is reduced by…80%!

I couldn’t believe it. I picked up the above white flutter sleeve blouse for $19.o0 reduced from $79.50! The rasberry & black print blouses are also on sale. And there are still a few on the Express website. Click here to see the blouses. The tiered skirts are also on the sale rack & the website for $14.90.

But the most fabulous sales item is the tiered maxi-type dress. I bought one earler in the season for $168.00. THEY ARE NOW $14.90!!!
See the picture of the pink dress above. I bought this for less than $15.0o

And perhaps most amazing…..Express gave me $15.00 off for buying $75.00 of sales items. This is truly an amazing sale! Her stuff at TopShop was NEVER this cheap!

I could not believe it. These are in store only, and of course, they don’t have all sizes….but check it out if there is an Express near you.

Here is my earlier post from LA RACKED on the 3 dresses, in pink, navy & white. Click here to see the pics.


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