The Recessionista Falls into the Gap for $10.00 & under $30.00 Holiday Gifts!

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The Recessionista’s Holiday Pick du Jour, Items on Sale Today at the Gap for $10.00 US

So, I’m pleased to say that I went to the Mall last night in my neighborhood. This was a major win as I have been putting it off because of the “California Cold”. I’m embarrassed to say that once I was in the car speeding down Pacific Coast Highway, I realized, it wasn’t really that cold. I’m just incredibly spoiled after 10 years + of California living. I remember bundling up to walk the streets of Chicago in 10 degree weather, driving down I-75 in Cincinnati when it was snowing, walking through snow up to my knees in Massachusetts & Connecticut when visiting my great aunts and running around NYC for work in full winter coat with a matching hat. Ah the good old days of real winter living! 🙂 And now, I’m such a wimp I have to talk myself into venturing out in the cold California winter of 35- 40 degrees. I blush with shame just writing about it. But I digress.
Last night I went out to the Mall to shop the Gap. I had a $10.00 Gap Reward Card burning a hole in my pocket. My efforts to brave the “California Cold” 🙂 were handsomely rewarded as I found many gifts on sale for $10.00 at the Gap, plus an overall sale of 40% off alot of the merchandise.

On sale today for $10.00 are the items on the graphic above: Layering Ts, Thermal Crewnecks for men, GapBody Fannel PJs and items for kids. There was actually a line at the register to purchase items, a rare site nowadays! And I can see why–the Men’s Thermal Crews were great value and the colors were really nice. I particularly liked the Baby Blue one. There are also plenty of Holiday gifts for under $30.00for Recessionistas to check out.

Plus, there were great fashion treasures on sale for Holiday or New Year’s parties. Many of the Gap designs show the distinctive touch of designer Patrick Robinson. This ruffled chiffon holiday dress is really gorgeous in person. The picture on the Gap website does not do it justice. The dress is sheer, but it comes with its own slip lining so it is not too revealing.

Above: Gap Ruffled Chiffon Party Dress

Another super cute holiday dress is this little red faux-wrap number. I saw a mother buying it for her teenage daughter and matching it up with both cute black patent leather flats and the little red ballet flats. I have to say it looked like a million bucks for a whole lot less.

Gap Faux Wrap Holiday Party Dress in Cinabar Red

My final pick is this ruffled shift dress with the lovely detail around the neckline. It also looks alot more expensive that it is.

Gap Ruffled Shift Dress

And finally, no trip the the Gap is complete without a little something for your truly. I’d had my eye on this sheer ruffled topin the unique dusty lavender color. I bought one for me & one for one of my best friends who wanted it, but would not buy it for herself. These are mostly sold out on Gap online, but there were plenty of them still available at my Gap store in White, Black and this pretty lilac/maueve.

Kudos to Patrick Robinson for adding his creative touches to the Gap collection. I love all the ruffles.

And thanks to Gap for an affordable holiday sale.I picked up a nice selection of $10.00 gift items that were warm, cheap & cheerful. You can’t beat that. Its all about easy on the wallet at this point.

PS–I think there is still time to order online in time for XMas, but check the Gap website for details. I think you have to order by 12.21 to receive by 12.24.


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