Designer for Less: Richard Chai for Target, Part 1

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Still reeling from this week’s quake, I took refuge in our local Target’s sneak preview of their new Go Designer, Richard Chai. Richard Chai was a designer at Marc Jacobs and Geoffrey Beane, and now my favorite Tar-JAY! I was shreking with Recessionista delight when I learned that the collection was in early at my nearby Los Angeles Target. Off I speed with my favorite fashionista ally, Debbie.

We were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The store didn’t have everything, but we saw enough to give the collection a Thumbs UP.

I snapped up the graffiti blue rose dress pictured above (39.99 USD). The dress is BEAUTIFUL & cut nicely for the curvy. Other great items: the cardigan sweater (39.99 USD) and the little pink knit top with the ruffle around the collar (16.99). I’ll be going to shop the Recessionista early shift at Target Manhattan Beach to look for the Lavender swing coat, trench coat and the wrap tie dress. As Target GO Shoppers know, you have to try each item on to check for fabric drap, quality & fit. Sometimes it works, and sometimes its just plain wrong. This is the quest for savings, and those who put in the time to shop their Targets for designer goods will be rewarded with SAVINGS! 🙂 when the shoe fits. Not all the stuff is well enough made to be worn, but to their credit Target has turned out some great items from previous collections.

Stay tuned for another Chai blog tomorrow from Manhattan Beach, CA Target.


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