Working in Comfort: BedHead Pajamas!

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As those of you who have talked to me in the past week know, I’ve fallen in love. Yes, true love…with wait for it…BedHead Pajamas!
These are the most luxurious, comfy, just plain beautiful pajamas I have ever seen. These are worn by the like of Oprah, Rachel Ray, and the cast of Friends. Previously, these PJs were out of reach for me in the Bush Economy. They retail at upscale shops like Fred Segal, Nordstrom’s and many little boutiques all over Santa Monica & LA.
Now, good news my recessionistas, BedHead is on SALE. Yes, sale, the most beautiful word in the English language.
Like many in the Bush ecomony, I now work from home quite a bit to save on the outrageous GAS prices. I find myself starting my works days in my Pajamas, in my home study, rather than in my work cubicle in formal office attire.
Wearing my BedHead PJs while working at my PC in the early morning hours, I can still feel fresh & stylish . Much better than my old, grungy sweats. They are the new virtual office attire! 🙂
Some of my favorites from the online sale rack:
  • The Blue Tulip Corset PJs
  • The Pink Eiffel Tower Robe
  • The Pink Watercolor Mandrin Style PJs
I had the chance to meet the BedHeads folks at last week’s California Mart Temporaries show, and they were wonderful. They have designed these with the right idea, comfort and pretty prints. You can’t beat this winning combination.
If you order from their website, UPS ground shipping is also free….another word I love!
PS–Purchase a PJ and 20% of the purchase is donated to Esperanza.
BedHead Pajamas is dedicating a portion of their internet sales on three different pajama designs to support the community-based work of Esperanza. For every pair of pajamas sold in each of three different designs, a donation representing 20% of the purchase price will be sent to Esperanza Community Housing Corporation.

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