Disappearing Act : Missoni for Target Gone in Two Hours

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Pictured: My Missoni for Target finds (photo: M. Hall)

What’s up with y’all storming the local Target stores like the French Bastille today and raiding the Missoni for Tar-jay?  Taking down the website too. Seriously people.  From 8 am to 10 am today, fashionistas seeking a bargain stormed their local stores, lining up before the stores opened.  The team members at my local Target told me that the store was out of most of the goods within the first hour.  After several “Go Collection” misses, the Missoni collection was clearly a hit.  I picked up just a few pieces, a pair of shoes, some plates and a hat.  Will they last a lifetime? Of course not! I don’t think they will last long at all, but the prints are colorful and vibrant and the price is right.

Pictured: The leftovers, some pillows getting the once over. (photo: M. Hall)

Now, here’s my question—did the good really sell to the final buyer, or did they sell to enterprising eBayers looking to resell them for a bit of a profit? A quick search of eBay reveals that there are several hundred items listed, some labeled as Missoni for Target, some just labeled as Missoni.  I didn’t see too many bids on them yet.  Wait a few days…if they don’t sell, they will go back to Target.
 My local store said they would also try to restock some items by Friday, so stay tuned.

Readers, did any of you score any Missoni for Target? If you got it, would you resell it to pay some bills or keep it?

Update:  As of Sept. 14th early am, was back up and running with a few Missoni items for order.   Look for those to go quick, with Missoni mania in full swing.


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