Christian Louboutin Designs Cinderella Glass Slippers for Disney Film

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Pictured: The new Cinderella Glass slippers designed by  Christian Louboutin 
Photo:  Courtesy of The Walt Disney Studios

Aren’t these shoes beautiful? Pretty enough for a fairytale, like Cinderella, right?  Well, if you recognize the trademark red lining on the sole and behind the heel, then you know that these nouveau glass slippers are the creation shoe designer Christian Louboutin.  Louboutin was recently selected by Walt Disney to design a glass slipper-inspired shoe to help promote the fall release of the classic Disney feature Cinderella for a Diamond Edition Blu-ray disc. Fans will even have the chance to glimpse the designer of the shoes, Monsieur Louboutin  in a short Disney skit playing a cobbler feverishly working to complete the white lace pumps (pictured above) with Swarovski crystal-encrusted heels so that Cinderella can wear them to the ball.

“Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace, and fairytale love, but also shoes,” Louboutin told  Women’s Wear Daily (WWD).  “Her character and her story dictated the design to me, it was all there in the pages and the words of this tale.”

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