Fashion Friday: Get the Trend, Lace Dresses at Kohl’s

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Pictured: Jennifer Lopez Lace Shift Dress at Kohl’s for $40.00

Friday is fast becoming the day of the week where bloggers highlight fashion favorites and trends.  For me, I want to promote trends, but also good deals.  Once of the hottest trends of this year, has been the lace overlay dress.

Pictured: Kate Middleton in her lace Erdum dress in Canada last year.

 Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, worn a stunning midnight blue lace Erdum dress last  year on her trip to Canada. It was stunning and pricey.  Kohl’s has just started selling a dress that is very similar to Kate’s but without the high price tag.  The new Jennifer Lopez collection lace shift dress in now on sale for $40.00.  Kohl’s sent me a sample of the dress in the Corsica Red . The cut is very tailored and similar to Kate’s designer dress. For the price tag, it’s a nice dress. It’s fully lined, and can easily take you from Summer through Fall.   Lace shift dresses and tops are some of the hottest styles this year, and I’m amazed by how many variations Kohl’s has.

Pictured: A collection of lace overly dresses from Kohl’s now on sale.

They have everything from lace dresses with Peter Pan collars to more fitted dresses, and dresses with full skirts.  Most of the pieces are on sale online and in-store this weekend. So if this is a trend you like, check it out.  And when you’re in store, don’t forget to visit the new price check and coupon kiosks so you get the best deal.  The coupon and the kiosks default coupon seems to be 15% off, guaranteeing you even better savings.Online or at the kiosk, use code LOCKER15 until Aug. 23 to save 15%.


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