Golden Globes: Recessionistas on the Red Carpet?

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Pretty in Pink: Demi Moore in Dior shows classic style at the Golden Globes, picture from

One of the local TV shows here in Los Angeles this week predicted that we might see Recessionistas at this year’s Golden Globes. Indeed, it was suggested that the whole ceremony might be on the “downlow” this year due to the economy. So, I’m here in LA watching the stars walk the red carpet and there is nothing Recessionista-like about the stars’ fashion choices. What is shocking is how one entertainment network is trying to present cheap alternatives to what the stars are wearing. There’s nothing worse than a guy wearing eye makeup in a gold lame jacket telling women what to wear. Just my opinion. And what’s even worse, is tomorrow am, this guy will be on TV critiquing every single choice these poor actresses made. Don’t you listen to him ladies!!! Consider the source. There is something just so wrong about a guy wearing a gold lame jacket and spiky hair talking about Coco Chanel’s tailoring techniques. I wanted to place a 911 call to Anna Wintour at Vogue. “Anna come quick, there is a heathen here in LA talking about Coco!! ” This guy actually thought a Chanel “Camellia” flower was a Magnolia. It was just one fashion atrocity after another.

Cameron Diaz in a Pink Chanel Gown picture from

So as I said, I haven’t seen any Recessionista dressing here. What I am seeing is stylish dressing courtesy of Reem Acra, Oscar de LaRenta, Dior, Chanel and J. Mendel. This is Hollywood Recessionista-ing. By that I mean, I don’t believe that most of the actors paid for their gowns or jewelry. This is the ultimate in Recessionista living when people give you things. The fabulous Susan Sarandon just laughingly admitted that her jewelry is going back tonight at midnight. What’s so cool about watching the Golden Globes (if you’re in “Recessionista lock-down” spending mode) is that you get to live vicariously. The show provides all of the fashion, none of the guilt. You just get to watch the fashions and it doesn’t cost a penny. Its guiit- less glamour. Check out Angelina Jolie’s serenely simple elegance in this beautiful gown without an ounce of “bling.”

Angelina Jolie, Simple Elegance picture from Huffington Post

Below is a picture of the beautiful and ageless Jessica Lange in her elegant black dress.

The iconic Jessica Lange in a simple black dress with no jewelery, picture from Huffington Post

As Billy Crystal used to say when he did his Fernado imitation, Jessica looked “mahvelous.”

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