Return to Target: More Thakoon & Hayden Harnett

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Pictured: Thakoon for Target’s Open Back Black Sweater, $26.99

So I had to sneak over to Target this weekend since I am back home in Los Angeles. It was really bothering me that my mom got the last Thakoon canvas coat at the North Carolina Target store . Luckily I was able to snap up the last coat in my size at the local Manhattan Beach store. To my surprise, alot of the collection was gone in the store as well as online. Considering the recent economic gloom & doom reports, I was surprised that consumers are spending so quickly on Thakoon. (Of course some of it is on eBay at inflated prices. Target Addict has noted this on her blog & has some good advice about it). The shibori dresses, many of the cardigans & the cyber floral dress are sold out in the stores and online. I don’t think a GO line has sold out this quickly since Jovovich-Hawk. While visiting the store, I came across one little gem that I hadn’t seen at the other Target stores & I wanted to let my readers know about it. This is the little black sweater pictured above. Its so elegant and classic looking. It has 3/4 puff sleeves, a rounded neck line, and a little dip in the back that is open, but not too low cut. A great value for $26.99.

Pictured: The Back of Thakoon for Target’s Open Back Black Sweater, $26.99

The open area in the back of the sweater is actually not as low cut as it appears in the picture. Its placed higher on the back, and its more of a peek-a-boo opening. It can definitely be worn with a bra and it’s elegant, and not too revealing. After picking this up, I cruised over to the handbag section to check out the Hayden Harnett bags. Some of the bags are quite pretty, although I have to admit I did not fall in love with them all as I did with the Anya collection. That’s just me. I am an AH groupie.:)

Here’s a shot of the selection and the Target ratings from customers.

Some of these are just not the right size (too big) for my taste. However, I do like the Canvas Hobo bag with the colorful blue & gold leaves. Its the right size and a good price. Since I am on my New Year’s budget, I did not purchase , but I will keep my eye of this one in case it makes it to the sale racks.

Pictured: My favorite of the Target HH Bags: The Hobo Canvas Bag at $39.99 US.

Surprisingly, the piece of the HH collection that I am most enamored of is the darling umbrella in the same blue & gold print as the Hobo bag. Its very cute and something I actually need as the winter rains will most certainly be plaguing California for the next 60 days at least. Too bad this & the Thakoon coat don’t match 🙂 Deep frugal fashion sigh.

The Hayden Harnett for Target Umbrella: $22.99 US

So that’s my part-deux review on Target’s Thakoon and my opinions on Hayden Harnett.
Shop wisely readers, and if you want the pieces try to get these at Target instead of paying inflated eBay prices. Both collections seem to be very popular with Recessionistas.


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