The Handbag Raincoat: Protect your handbag from Rain and Snow

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If you love a good handbag, then you need to learn about the Handbag Raincoat.  This ingenious plastic jacket fits over the top of your handbag and is secured in place with Velcro to keep the plastic closed over the bag.   I was given this item for press evaluation, but didn’t have an occasion to try it until the Los Angeles winter rain storms started.

I’ve been using the Handbag Raincoat over my new luxury bag (Jardine of London, pictured under the plastic above)  as I run around Los Angeles in the rain, and it’s proved to be a great protectant.  I had thought about changing my bag and carrying a plastic bag when the torrential rains started to fall, but it takes time to change bags and make sure you transfer everything.  It’s so much easier to just put the Handbag Raincoat on your bag at the same time you’re putting on your coat.

Look for the Handbag Raincoat on sale at Macy’s for $28.00 or a midsize raincoat.  If you’ve already invested a hundred dollars or more in a good bag , it’s worth $28.00 to protect if from rain spots and weather stains to maintain it.  I’ll be packing one of these in my handbag and one in my suitcase.   This is a much better looking raincoat for a handbag than one a different one I own from a certain luxury brand that looks more like a clear garbage bag. The Velcro on this keeps it in place around your precious bag.


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