Happy Easter and Eastover!

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Pictured: The Life of an Easter Peep, from the Fuffernutter blog.

Easter is April 9, 2023. Easter brings with it some  of the most tempting treats of all, the deadly marshmallow candy known as Peeps!  Sometimes an irresistible impulse comes over me.  It’s the evil known as the Peep or the Opera Cream Egg which produces a sugar induced Easter candy eating frenzy. I expect to go into full Peep coma mode on the couch later today.   Happy Eastover  and Easter to all my dear readers of The Recessionista all over the world.

Easter greeting card

Pictured: A greeting card to celebrate both Easter and Passover courtesy of Papyrus greeting cards.

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful Easter.  Enjoy a day of rest and relaxation.  Remember, wherever you are in the world,  Easter candy will be on sale today & tomorrow at all stores planet wide. I think Candy is already on sale for 20% off at Walmart, and Target.

Pictured: An assortment of Easter candy, now on sale at a store near you.

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