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Happy Valentines Day: It’s the thought that counts

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Pictured: A 1920s Vintage Valentine Card from Webweaver Vintage Cards site

Happy Valentines Day. The day of course is named for that poor Christian martyr Valentine. Of poor Valentine, really nothing is known, except that he died and the lovers’ day was named for him. Much later, the day signified the exchange of love notes and love poems. Today, the holiday is completely mass-merchandised and is marked by the sometimes lavish and pricey exchange of gifts. So if you are practicing “recessionista-living”, the question is how can you celebrate the day without spending a fortune? I have a few thoughts for our readers.

Make your own Valentine card!
My little sidekick the Recession-Niece-sta is already working on her cards. Every year she buys red construction paper and the lacy paper doilies. She traces her hearts, cuts them out and pastes the white paper lace doile over it and writes a cute message. We all adore the art work and the thought. Here’s the link to a site with some great tips on making Victorian Valentines.

Book your restaurant reservation at a Restaurant with a Prix Fix menu
Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for dining out. Many restaurants are already booked. However, if you are still thinking of going out today, check out all the prix-fix  menus and specials now springing up. Check for deals on sites like on Topix, Yelp, Chowhound, Citysearch and other sites that list them.

Enjoy a delicious meal at home
Check for some great recipes on the web or from your favorite cookbook and just enjoy a feast at home. One of my favorite recipe sites is All Recipes. There are some wonderful recipes there, plus step by step directions and photographs to help your prepare them. I get hungry just looking at this website and their Valentine’s Day desserts! Other home cooking recipe favorites: Epicurious and of course The Food Network.

If you forgot to shop, give a gift certificate
For a wide selection of Valentine’s Gifts on everything from jewelry, lingerie and electronics, check out If you forgot to plan in advance, you can score some nice deals by pointing and clicking from your home PC and then printing our a gift certificate for your Valentine. Of course, if you have the time, its not too late to run out to your local Kohl’s, Loehmann’s or Macy’s for Valentines deals in store.

Write an old fashioned love letter
Check out The History Channel’s website on Valentine’s Day quotes, sayings, love letters and free cards. This quote and letters may inspire you to write your own love letter.


Pictured: Romantic English poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning

Romantic that I am, I especially love the story of the Brownings
Robert Browning touched his future wife, Elizabeth Barrett’s heart and won her love with nothing more than his words, some paper, ink and a nominally priced postage stamp.


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