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Holiday Traveling with Dove Dry Spray

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This December, I had the inclination to travel for the holidays in London  and Ireland for holiday shopping and some personal family business.  It’s been a hectic trip seeing all the sights, the holiday decoration and of course visiting the shops.  What to pack for such a trip is always difficult, which is why I’m excited to partner with Dove to share my top travel picks.


Seeing the sights of Dublin with Dove.

Taking the new Dove Dry Pomegranate Revive Spray with me seemed like a good decision for many reasons.  One is the great scent, it’s a mix of Pomegranate fragrance and verbena—a refreshing citrus scent.   The second reason Dove Dry Antiperspirant is a must have for international travel is that it lasts for 48 hours at a time.

Regent Street London.

Holiday shopping on Regent Street London.

As an America girl on the go with a love for fashion, it’s important to always feel fresh and confident.  That’s not easy when you’re starting out with a 10 + hour flight from Los Angeles to London.  There’s always a few beauty essentials that I pack in my bag to help my stay fresh, one is Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirants, which has been a go to of mine for awhile.  You just spray it on – it goes on instantly dry! – and it gives you a feeling of freshness. It also leaves no residue under our arms, which means there will be no white marks that may be left on your clothes.   That’s important when you’re traveling and you don’t have access to laundry facilities to wash and clean clothing. The lack of residue also gives you the freedom to wear sleeveless dresses and tops with confidence. The best part? It provides you with skincare benefits due to its ¼ moisturizing formula.

Dolce Dress

Getting ready to confidently try on a Dolce & Gabbana dress at Brown Thomas in Dublin.

There are 11 scents in Dove’s Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant.  The scents are very well done, light and feminine.

As I run all over London and Ireland, I may have to worry about what train to take, if I’ll get to my next appointment or if I’ll find good deals on British fashions, but I don’t have to worry about staying fresh.

Look for Dove Deodorants at the Rite Aid, Walgreens and

Note: This is a sponsored post and in the interests of full disclosure, please know that I am being compensated for my time to share this story  with you.  However, the opinions in this post are mine and are not the views of any paid sponsor.   Every promotion that appears on The Recessionista is a product that I believe offers quality and value for price.   In the case of Dove Dry Spry, I am an actual customer.  I’ve been using Dove products for some time and you’ll find other articles on the blog featuring the products.


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