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HiMirror offers Smart Skincare Analysis with Facial Recognition Tech

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Imagine if taking good care of your skin was as easy as snapping a selfie?  HiMirror has launched a new “smart” mirror with facial recognition technology that allows users to get the kind of skin care analysis that you might get when you visit an esthetician or dermatologist.  I recently received an introduction to HiMirror and had the chance to try it at a special event at the Eden by Eden salon on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

How HiMirror Scans and Analyzes Skin

So how does this beauty technology work? HiMirror is a mirror, as it’s name suggests, that uses a unique high-resolution camera. It is recommended, that you stand before the mirror, with no make-up on, and take a picture of yourself and your skin. The camera can then scan your skin, and HiMirror then comes back with a report  (“Skin Index Synthesis report”) on problem areas as well as specific recommendations.

HiMirror Skin Analysis

A picture of the skin analysis process that HiMirror does after taking a picture.

This is a unique evaluation of your skin’s firmness, brightness, texture, clarity and overall health, based on the picture it took.  The report is displayed on the mirror. Using the mirror to evaluate my own skin, I was able to see where I have dark spots, red blotches, wrinkles and even blemishes.

HiMirror pore analysis

HiMirror uses my picture here to analysize my skin and show me where I have enlarged pores, and possibly clogged pores.

Needless to say, that is a bit scary to look at up close, but knowledge is power, and if you can see the problem areas, then you can address them.

HiMIrror analyzing Mary Hall The Recessionisa dark spots

HiMirror analyzing my dark spots based on the analysis of my picture.

The Value and Economics of HiMirror

If you’re dedicated to having good skin, HiMirror is a valuable tool. For the costs of about 2 facials at a salon ($189.00) you can invest in this mirror and keep monitoring your skin.   You can also input into the mirror, using the touch tone screen, the products you are currently using and HiMirror can make an assessment of whether the products are right for your skin.  It does this by connecting to the Internet via Wifi and finding information about your current skincare products and routine. The HiMirror can also recommend YouTube videos for you to watch to help you care for your skin.

The mirror can also be used by several family member or friends, giving users economies of scale.

HiMirror can also display the local weather, sync with Google Calendar, and even play Spotify because it connects to the Internet with built in WiFi. It’s also Blue Tooth enabled.

Bottom line, if you’re a beauty girl addicted to your iPhone or Smart Phone, you’ll probably love HiMirror.  You can use it to continually check your skin, and check on problem areas. The mirror even keeps ongoing log of your skin to track skincare goals and the results of products used.  You can also track your beauty products by their expiration dates by scanning the bar codes. For true tech lovers, there is also a HiMirror app that you can uses to track your skincare from wherever you are.

I think the key to getting results is to use the HiMirror on a regular basis to check on your skin health.  Using it once every 3 to 4 months won’t give you the full benefits of the technology.  If you don’t have the discipline to use it regularly, then its not the right beauty tool for you.

One thing to note, if does take up a bit of space, so you need to clear some room in a bathroom or a bedroom for it.

Where to get HiMirror

If you’re interested in trying HiMirror, the product is available for sale on the HiMirror website and on Amazon.  The standard HiMirror “Smart” Mirror retails for $189 US. A second version of the product called HiMirror Plus retails for $259. HiMirror Plus includes the device with multi-ambiance makeup light.  The mirror comes with a 30 day guarantee.

HiMirror was awarded the CES 2017 Innovation Award .


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