Jason Wu for Target: Quality Issues

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Pictured: Brittany Williams wearing her new Jason Wu for Target Blouse. (photo courtesy of Brittany Williams)

Now that the hysteria and “I gotta have it” fervor of the Jason Wu for Target launch is fading, I hope some of you take a look at the consumer reviews on and the above picture before you think about purchasing, especially if you are thinking about paying the inflated eBay prices. The above picture comes from Blogger Brittany Williams.  It’s a picture of her Jason Wu Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse in Blush Dots from Target.  “Well this is getting returned!”, says Brittany via her Twitter feed. ” Had it on for 6 hours, and it’s shredded. ”  This same blouse is selling on eBay for as much as $130.00.  Reviews from other consumers on offer similar comments. Elizabeth writes, “beautiful but dissappointing. I wore my new blouse to work, however as I got home and was getting ready to go to bed I noticed a HUGE rip along the back shoulder seam. The fabric was too fragile for some minimal arm movement.”

I’m posting this because consumers work hard for their money, and this collection was hailed by everyone from Vogue to as great fashion for a great price.  Clearly, those opinions had nothing to  do with the actual product and seem to have been based on the look book, which did indeed make some of the pieces look good.  If you’re considering paying inflated prices for this collection on eBay, please look at Brittany’s picture and read the comments on and my fellow blogger Target Addict’s review.    Target Addict says,”Most of the blouses are made of ultra-cheap looking (and feeling) polyester. Memo to Target: I’d rather pay 20% – or even 30% – more for a silk or natural-fiber blend than cheap poly. ”  Amen sis-tah.
I think Jason Wu is a really talented designer, but as I’ve said before, I feel more money was put into marketing this collection than into quality manufacturing.

If you’re still lusting for Jason Wu for less from Target, check out the blue poplin dress with the red & white stripes at the bottom from the Target collection.  That item has good reviews from Target customers.   An even better plan if you’re looking for something from Jason Wu is to look at the eBay listings for his boutique line, sold at Saks Fifth Ave.  Those listings are at about the same price as some of the Jason Wu for Target listings.


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