Maison Martin Margiela For H&M Lookbook: Think Unstructured and Oversized

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Pictured: An advert from H&M’s upcoming Maison Martin Margiela collection

H&M has released their lookbook for their upcoming Maison Martin Margiela For H and M designer collection.   The entire collection reminds me of Isadora Duncan’s dedication to unstructured Grecian garments, which the dancer always wore for freedom of movement.  This collection is unstructured and over sized. There is nothing flashy here. Maison Martin Margiela For Hand M  is as understated as the previous Versace collection was loud and rock star over the top.  Colors are muted. The look is bohemian avant- garde. I’m not sure this collection will be a hit in mainstream US markets.   Of course, it’s all going to sell out in 15 minutes and then be resold on eBay to those who like Maison Martin Margiela.  That’s just the way these things go.

Pictured: Red dress from Maison Martin Margiela For H&M  via  French ELLE Magazine

I’ve posted all the images from the collection on my Maison Martin Margiela For H M Pinterest board.  My favorite piece from the collection is the stunning blue dress.

Pictured: My favorite piece from Maison Martin Margiela For H&M. 

The collection is due in H&M stores on Nov. 15th. In Europe, it will also be sold on-line by H&M.  What do you think readers? Is this one you are going to wait in line for at the limited number of H&M stores where it will be available?


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