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Mrs. Obama Takes on Brazil in Reasonably Priced Tracy Reese

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Pictured: The Obamas arrive in Brazil (photo from the Associated Press)

Mrs. Obama stepped off the plane in Brazil this weekend wearing a reasonably priced (for a First Lady) dress by one of her favorite designers, Tracy Reese.  Despite continued criticism (from people like Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru and Oscar de la Renta)  about bearing her arms, Mrs. O continues to do so, and why not? She is in good shape and she was traveling to a warm place.  I like how she continues to incorporate “off the rack” garments, that any woman can walk into a store and buy, into her working wardrobe.  This sends a message that she is being cost conscious during continued tough economic times.  She continues to wear American designers, H&M and J Crew for her engagements.  The dress  she wore to Brazil is Tracy Reese’s Auburn Tribal Stripes Strapless Dress with Borders available online for approximately $350.00.  Ok, this is not cheap per say, but consider that is is much cheaper than the couture worn by Mrs. Reagan or Mrs. Kennedy.   And Tracy Reese will also go on sale, and be priced lower still.  Look for plenty of Tracy Reese on sale today at theLast Call sale.  Today is the last day to take advantage of the savings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. O is checking out the sale today.  I think she is pretty savvy with her clothing spending, continuing to work and live Recessionista 🙂


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