A Ray of Light in Taxing Times: The Joys of a Good Handbag

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This night is one of interminable suffering and agony. Yes Recessionistas. the Taxman cometh. This year, I’m struggling to prepare my own taxes in order to save a few quid/pennies. It’s tough, because the entire staff here at The Recessionista (me, myself & I) are a brilliant group of procrastinators. Shamefully, we have been known to mail tax returns at precisely 11:59 pm on April 15th from the epicenter of tax procrastination mailings, the Los Angeles Airport Post Office. The truth is we’d rather be doing almost anything other than the taxes. Well, maybe except cleaning the house and tidying up The Recessionista Head Quarters (HQ). The recession has eliminated all our special services, i.e: bi-monthly house cleaning and the tax accountant are a thing of the past. In the midst of the tax angst, a bright spot has a shone through. A ray of light as it were: a Felix Ray handbag from Target. This lovely little clutch with shoulder strap arrived today in the mail. At $29.99 it’s quite a reasonably priced pick me up. Here are a few reasons why.

I love the shape of the bag. It’s the right size for carrying a few things and it fits comfortably over the shoulder. You can also tuck the strap inside and carry as a clutch.

I adore the sea shell clasp on the bag. It looks really expensive. The brass shell accent is a perfect summer touch, even if you don’t live at the beach.

The expensive braided chain strap laced with blue imitation leather (pleather) looks very classic. It reminds me of my favorite Chanel.

The inside features room for most of my important things like wallet, keys and lipstick plus pockets for my crackberry (aka blackberry) and business cards.

And finally, the back of the bag looks almost as good as the front. Check out the blue plate with the felix ray name.

Recessionistas, if you are suffering through the tax preparation season as I am, treat yourself to something small and uplifting. This little bag fits the bill perfectly.

Viva La Recessionistance!


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