Liberate Me From Drab Designs with Liberty of London for Spring

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Pictured: Top Shop’s Liberty Poppy bustier dress part of the new Kate Moss collection

Today the new Kate Moss collection went on sale at Top Tomorrow it will hit the racks at the grand openingof their new store in NYC. I went online tonight to try to snatch up some of the items and was very disappointed to find that many of the items on my wish list are already sold-out. Or at least they are listed as sold out on the Top Shop site. My question is are they really already gone, or are they just not yet in stock. (Update as of 4/03, almost everything is gone. Top Shop has supplied me with no information, but they did cancel the order for the dress I did buy! Apparently it was discovered to be out of stock, after I placed and paid for my order.)

Top Shop, please call the Recessionista hot line or leave a blog comment!! We need to know what is going on here. Can they really be gone so soon? Some of us have to work, we can’t shop during the day. Is there no justice in this shopping world??

If the items are really sold out, I’m sad for me but happy for dear old Liberty. In recent years, I feel that some consumers have forgotten about their beautiful prints. I have always loved their prints. And, I love that Top Shop is bringing their classics to a whole new generation at Recessionista rates. Obviously the line is getting a great reception, just as the revival of Celia Birtwell’s prints did in 2006. Since my top picks are not available on line, I am going to have to beg one of my NYC friends to run over to Top Shop tomorrow and see if they can find my picks on the racks. Here are my The Recessionista’s Top Picks from the collection for my readers to view.

Pictured: The Poppy Cami Liberty Print–sold out

Pictured: The one I bought, the Liberty Meadow Smock Dress-now sold out.
Other closet items are going on eBay to pay for it! At least I got free shipping (good until 4/09).
Thank you for choosing to buy from

We’re sorry but due to its popularity the items on order no. xxx0885 are not available. Obviously we haven’t charged you for this order.
Pictured above: Close-up shot of the Liberty Meadow print on the Top Shop dress
I ordered it, and Top Shop cancelled my order. Outrageous customer service. I’ll be shopping for Liberty direct from Liberty in the future.

Pictured: The Daisy Tea Dress

The above screen shots from the Top Shop website can’t convey the beauty of a Liberty print up close. So, in order to better share these classic prints with those who may never have heard of them until they joined the Kate Moss Top Shop collection, here are a few pictures from my own collection.

Pictured: My beautiful Liberty of London dress from Trimingham’s in Bermuda. Purchased when I was in just out of college—it’s at least 15 years old and still beautiful.

Pictured: Beautiful prints from Liberty fabrics purchased at their London store that will be used to make dresses for my little niece.

Above are two exquisite Liberty prints that I picked up in person at the Liberty store in London (built in 1875, its an experience just to be in that store.) I went into the store looking for a little girl’s dress for my niece, only to discover that they no longer make children’s clothes. I almost wept bitter tears right there on the spot. The upside of this story is that they still sell yards of their exquisite prints. Above are the two fabrics/prints that I choose. I love them both. I have already made the dress from the pink flower print and she wore it last Easter. This year, I will make a little dress for her from the blue flower print. For the love of Liberty, I have resurrected my sewing machine and all my sewing tools. Every little girl deserves a Liberty of London dress. Not to mention this adult girl. Which brings me back to the Top Shop Liberty collection.

Hopefully, Top Shop will make more Liberty designs available and we will all have more chances to snap them up! Top Shop, are you listening? 🙂 To learn more about Liberty, click here.

Readers, stay tuned for another post on the Kate Moss Top Shop collection. We have to discuss those 1920’s vintage inspired dresses and tops. They are amazing. Grace Coolidge would want one of those flapper dresses.


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