The Real-Life Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Suit: New York Teachers in Norma Kamali

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Pictured: A Real Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant Suits: The Teachers at Gramercy Arts High School in New York, NY in Norma Kamali

Earlier this week I wrote about Hillary Clinton and her self-described “sisterhood of the traveling pant suits” which she paid homage to at the Democratic convention earlier this year. And today I’m writing about some real-life heros, the teachers at Gramercy Arts High in New York. This is a story near and dear to my heart as my mother taught school for 35 years. She did it because she loved it. And growing up, I always remember her struggle to look stylish on a teacher’s salary. She was always looking for a bargain, but it was harder then because it wasn’t chic at that time for high-end designers to do lower priced versions of their fashion lines. Today, all that has changed. The pictures below show a variety of beautiful women in all shapes and sizes wearing Norma Kamali’s wonderful $35.00 suits. The designer notes, “”My goal is to help women build self esteem, as well as a strong commitment to education.” Not to mention a dedication to helping these ladies live the Recessionista lifestyle. Norma Kamali’s low-priced suits are easy on the eyes and the pocket book.

Pictured: Affordable Chic: The Teachers at Gramercy Arts High School in New York, NY

If you are interested in checking out these well-priced looks, they are available through Norma Kamali’s partnership with Walmart. My “recessionista” advice is order them online if you are interested. NK is not available at all brick and mortar Walmart stores. Furthermore, this recessionista has a hard time parking, standing in line and just generally finding a place to stand at the store chain. The online experience is much more aesthetically pleasing 🙂

To browse the collection online, check out Norma Kamali’s website. The career skirt in the collection is now on clearance at Walmart online for $14.00. The jackets are no longer available online, but I did see them in the Walmart stores on a recent shopping trip. Another good deal from the collection are the handbags which are now on clearance. Not all are available online, but there are still some in the stores. If you are reading from outside the US, many of the NK collection pieces are for sale on eBay from sellers who will post outside of the US.

To learn more about supporting the New York City public schools, visit Many business leaders like Norma have built relationships with Pencil to help the NYC schools. To learn more about becoming a Pencil partner, click here. I love the Principal for a Day® concept. I would love to govern and lead a Recessionista Regime! 🙂 Norma Kamali for everyone would be the first order of the day!


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