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Toms for Target shoes

TOMS for Target toe-stitch slip on shoes priced at $48.00 for adults, $38.00 for kids

The TOMS for Target collection  (on sale Nov. 16, 2014) was previewed tonight in Los Angeles for media and bloggers. This is a cheap and cheerful holiday collection that I think Target customers will like.  It’s unpretentious casual wear that is reasonably priced.  Is it Target’ s best collaboration even? No. But it’s  easy to love Toms mission of charitable giving and the idea that you are doing good by do good, providing nourishment, warmth and shoes to a person in need.   The prices are just a bit below the prices on Tom’s website for similar items.  TOMS  shoes are $58.00 for adults on their website, the Target price is $10.00 less at $48.00.  The material is substantially similar, although the rubber soles are the Target shoes don’t look as sturdy as their Target  doppelgängers.  The collection features some holiday sweaters and beanies, great looking canvas wallets & pouches, mugs, t-shirts and sweaters.   The woman’s poncho sold out tonight at the preview party.  Most  of the TOMS for Target items were enthusiastically received by the invitees who were allowed to shop the collection in advance.

Toms for Target sweater

TOMS for Target sweater for Women with just a bit of sparkle

The TOMS womens sweater are a nice weight for fall and winter.  The jackets and outerwear are not quite as sturdy for winter wear, especially if you’re expecting the Polar Vortex!   There is a matching beanie for each sweater, with coordinating trim around the brim/headline. These are especially cute.

Tom's for Target

TOMS  for Target Women’s Poncho

The poncho is great looking, but I’m not a big poncho lover , so I didn’t got crazy for the TOMS interpretation with it’s fringe and  formless shape.  The poncho is attractive, but not hugely functional, because it’s split in the front, so it’s not going to keep heat close to your body like a traditional triangle shaped poncho that you through over your head.

Toms Target womens tees

TOMS for Target womens tees

The women’s tees with the holiday tree print for $16.00 are cute, but I can live without the gold  TOMS tee-shirt.  I just don’t see anything special about the TOMS branded merchandise.  Do consumers want to pay to be a TOMS billboard? I know I don’t.



Toms for Target canvas pouches with zipper closure

For holiday gifting, I was most impressed with the accessories from this collection. The little zipped canvas pouches and pleather calendar /diary are really attractive.

Toms for Target Wallet

Toms for Target Simple is Beautiful Wallet

There are also some really great looking pleather wallets with feel good inscriptions like “Simple is Beautiful” and “Build Your Own Tomorrow.”   These are nice gifts for under $25.00.  Another reasonably priced gift is the $15.00 TOMS candles have a pleasant scent and nice sturdy holder

To me, the misses in this collection are the TOMs mugs and water bottles.   Those are nothing special, unless you are a true TOMS lover, you don’t need to pay for those. I wouldn’t be surprise if those end of on the Target clearance racks along with the Altuzzara for Target faux fur coat.

TOMS for Target

TOMS for Target items.

Bottom line, the TOMS for Target holiday collection has something for everyone, Mom, Dad and the kids.   It’s reasonably priced.  Just try to walk in the shoes and try the clothes on before you buy them.  The quality of the pieces is not outstanding, but it’s good enough to last one season or two.  The weight of the fabrics in the apparel is more suite to fall than the polar vortex coming, so take that into consideration before you buy.

Remember, you can buy TOMS items on and get maybe just a little bit better quality for price than you would at Target.   Some of the sale items are cheaper than TOMS for Target so do a little comparison before you buy.

I’ll be shopping the collection on Nov. 16 at my local Target store and buying with my Target RED card so I can save 5%.  I wasn’t able to buy any items at the Target event tonight because the Target cash register couldn’t print a receipt for me….meaning I might have a problem returning the items to a store if they didn’t work out as gifts.   I actually think  the cash register glitch that prevented me from  buying anything from TOMS for Target at tonight’s preview was a blessing.   It’s easy to get caught up in impulse shopping at an event.   Better to take your time shopping this or any holiday collaboration.   After all, there’s going to be plenty of great winter wear and holiday items on sale everywhere on Black Friday and right up until Christmas.






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