Review of Kohl’s x Reed Krakoff Collaboration

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Clothing on the Kohl’s racks from the Kohl’s x Reed Krakoff Collaboration

Kohl’s fashion collaboration with designer Reed Krakoff arrived in stores last week. The collection consists of apparel and brightly colored handbags.  Reed Krakoff is an extremely talented American fashion designer. Who can forget the beautiful coat he designed for Michelle Obama? Sadly, you won’t see anything remotely like that in his apparel for Kohl’s.  I have to be honest the apparel in this Reed Krakoff Collaboration with Kohl’s is awful. It’s shapeless, with no definition, and the fabrication is cheap with lots of scuba fabric that won’t breathe in warm weather. I wouldn’t waste my money on it, and I don’t think you should either.  If you want discount fashions from Reed Krakoff, check out Neiman Marcus Last Call. The reason to shop this collection is the handbags, fashionable pleather replicas of Mr. Krakoff’s designs for Coach and his own line.


Celebrities in REED for Kohl’s, left to right: Chanel Iman, Solange Knowles and Emma Roberts.

The only fashion item from the collection I find the least bit appealing is the jumpsuit (available online only.) Kohl’s threw a party in New York last week and Chanel Inman was seen wearing this jumpsuit to help impress buyers by stirring up celebrity excitement for this collection. The REED Colorblock Jumpsuit is on sale at Kohl’s for $73.00.


Reed Krakoff’s Boxer Style bags at Kohl’s similar to his Coach bags.

The handbags are much more appealing and are grouped into three bag and accessory styles, that are similar to the designer’s luxury collection.  Handbag fans of Reed Krakoff will recognize the familiar styles as the Boxer, Atlantique and RK40.


Reed_Krakoff_ Blue_Bags

The Blue Bags, White and Floral bags in the collection are similar to Reed Krakoff’s luxury styled Atlantique style bags.


My favorite Reed Atlantique style Satchel bag for approx $80.00.

The Atlantique style is my personal favorite in the collection, and the Kohl’s rendering is good-looking. The have all the hallmarks of Krakoff’s luxury bags, they are just plastic.


If you’ve always wanted a Reed Krakoff bag, then this is a chance to get one at an affordable price. Pricing for the REED handbags is $129 or less, and all the bags are 25% of until April 30th, making these an attractive Mother’s Day gift. If you stop by Kohl’s leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I think you’ll agreed that the REED apparel is a miss.


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