Scottish Style at a Sweet Price: Jonathan Saunders at Target

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Jonathan Saunders one of London Fashion Week’s most celebrated designers, arrived in Target Stores today. The Scot, who trained at the Glasgow School of Art and Central Saint Martins, delivered some great items that will flatter a variety of figures. Hooray! The emphasis here is definitely on knits & his trademark “color block” fashions.

There are several great bargains here for fashionistas who have been converted to recessionistas. I purchased the above dress with it amazing Audrey-esque style. This is the JS Ponte Mini Dress. This picture on the Target site does not do it justice. As I said, it channels Audrey. It has an adorable scoop neck ( very 60s chic), cute pockets, short sleeves, and a placket covering the button down front. At $ 32.99, its great bargain. A little bit of spandex gives its some give, and makes it very comfortable to sit in. I plan to dress it up with with black tights, a scarf (the black and white cami in the picture is not part of the dress) and one of my Yummi Glass pieces or my Duchess of Windsor replica brooches.

My other favorite is the Blue Ombre Top. I think Target needs to drop the word “blue whale” from the title of this piece. I will only refer to it as the Blue Ombre top.
For the price, ($ 29.99) this is a great value. The way it drapes will be very flattering on a variety of figures. The top has a fitted inner sleeve that is black knit with the outer layer of the “blue” chiffon type material drapped around it. The sides are left open, and I will probably tack a few stitches at the side to give it a more secure fit (right now, looks like a drop of glue is holding it together.) The material is really beautiful with the blue, and then the various shade of color at the trim. I also recommend the

Black Tunic Sweater with the Red Trim. Nice fit and good value for the fall. I was not as thrilled with the matching Cardigan Sweater, simply because it had a hoodie….but it you like hoodies, it could be good 🙂

This collection is definitely worth a trip to your local Tar-jay. There is plenty here to love, and I didn’t get to try everything. I did like the look of the blouses and the teal sweater dress. I definitely want to go back and try on the two pieces of outerwear. I liked the look of the ebony neophrine jacket and the leather trimmed ebony zipper front jacket.

There are of course, a couple of misses in the collection. Be careful of the Colorblock dress with the Marble print down the front. It seemed poorly constructed and sized small. Also be wary of the skirts. As with many GO skirts, they are way too short to be wearable.

Overall, I give the collection a BIG thumbs up. My fellow shopper Debbie even felt it was the best GO Collection EVER!.


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