Shutters at the Beach ONE Spa Santa Monica adds Kerstin Florian Treatments

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A view from the beach of the gorgeous Shutters at the Beach hotel and spa in Santa Monica, California.

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation or even staycation, Shutters at the Beach Resort in Santa Monica, California is the perfect escape.  One of the great features at Shutters in their luxury day spa called “ONE SPA.”  Recently, “ONE SPA” added some new Kerstin Florian Treatments to their spa menu, making their selection of offerings even more pampering and luxe.   If you read here, you know I am a lover of Kerstin Florian products and treatments. The products are gentle and organic, offering amazing skincare and revitalizing scents and oils.   The new treatments are all about exfoliation, cleansing, relaxation and renewal, set in the beautiful spa environment at Shutters at the Beach.

“We are thrilled to partner with this renowned, nature inspired line that is refreshingly local while also embodying everything we are passionate about,” said ONE Spa Director Rachel Stacy. “Our Kerstin Florian menu serves as an organic evolution in our continued commitment to innovative beauty, offering guests an experience that goes beyond the external treatment with a transcendent journey from head to toe.”

Kerstin_florian_Oils (

A collection of Kerstin Florian Oils used in the Shutters at the Beach spa treatments.

The new Kerstin Florian treatments at the Shutters at the Beach Spa include:

Moroccan Hammam Ritual
This Moroccan-inspired Hammam treatment combines ancient traditions with detoxifying and organic aromatherapy formulas for a cleansing,detoxifying journey with an ultimate tactile and sensory experience. Warming water, a full body exfoliation with traditional black soap, a signature scalp massage, deep moisture face treatment and a hydrating body massage all come together to create this amazing journey. Duration: 120 minutes

Aroma Renewal Experience
The treatment starts with some deep breathing and inhalation of aroma therapy oils.  You can choose  the calming and balancing benefits of  either wild lavender or ginger. The treatment offers an invigorating full body scrub, a warm cocoon with pressure point ear and scalp massage, and concludes with a full body massage with
warm, healing stones. Price  Duration: 90 minutes.  $240

Turkish Salt Scrub
An energizing thermal salt exfoliation is applied in a two-step treatment utilizing salt rich in mineral and trace elements mixed with lavender or ginger essential oils, followed by a loofah scrub with Thermal Mineral
Shower Gel. Stimulates circulation and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Duration: 30 minutes. Price $150.

Hand and Nail treatments are also available using essential oils.  The 45 min Aroma Manicure features an exfoliating scrub followed by a moisturizing Myrrh Nail Oil; and a hand massage. as well as a manicure.  The Aroma Pedicure uses eucalyptus essential oil and Turkish salts, the feet are exfoliated; soaked in a rejuvenating eucalyptus foot bath, and then pampered with an invigorating alpine herb and Spirulina masque and massage with an invigorating Balm. How good does that sound?  It’s like Nirvana for your feet!


The author receiving a forearm massage with Kerstin Florian oils at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.

I stopped by Shutters at the Beach a few weeks ago to receive a press preview of the Kerstin Florian treatments and was thoroughly impressed. I received an amazing hand & arm massage with the Kerstin Florian oils that was perfect for a working professional spending many long hours typing on a computer.


Shutters at the Beach in Santa Monica now has a speciality blue nail polish available from Essie at their spa.

Essie Shutters Blue Nail Polish now available at Shutters on the Beach
Kerstin Florian Treatments are not the only new treatment available now at Shutters ONE Spa.  The spa is also offering a new “My Heart Shutters” signature blue nail polish exclusively made for Shutters by Essie.


Showing off my Shutters Essie Blue Nail Polish with my favorite Blue Jewelry.

The color is perfect for summer and a great compliment to cool blue summer styles & jewelry.  ONE Spa visitors can choose the “My Heart Shutters” blue polish with any nail treatment at the spa.

Customer Service Sets ONE Spa Apart
During my visit to Shutters, I had the opportunity to meet with the spa director, the assistant spa director and several of the masseuses.   There’s a dedication to quality and customer service here that really sets this spa apart.  Los Angeles is full of luxury day spas from the Valley to Beverly Hills, there are literally hundreds of choices.   The caring and welcoming attitude of the spa staff at ONE Spa is definitely a competitive differentiator.  The staff is not just trading on the beautiful location or the ocean views, they are really striving to deliver customer service. ONE Spa is busy year round, so if you’re interested in getting a service, book early, especially during the summer vacation months.  It’s a popular location or wedding parties and girls spa day vacations.

To schedule a Kerstin Florian  treatment at the Shutters on the Beach’s ONE Spa, check the Shutters at the Beach ONE Spa web page.   If you’re interested in trying Kerstin Florian’s products to “spa at home” you can purchase those now on the Kerstin Florian website or at Nordstrom.


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