Spa & Skincare Offerings at London’s Jumeirah Carlton Tower

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A pampering moment in London at the The Peak Health Club & Spa at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower

If you’re in London looking for a bit of pampering and relaxation, then put The Peak Health Club & Spa, at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, in Knightsbridge on your itinerary.  We’re putting their new menu of skincare and beauty treatments on our London travel list.  As a somewhat frequent traveler to London and an Anglophile, I’m always looking for ways to reboot and rejuvenate after the long flight to London. With new treatments and specials, the spa and health club at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower offers state of the art skincare combining high-tech with traditional beauty treatments. 

We’re excited about the new facial treatments at the London’s Peak Health Club & Spa for a number of reasons.  That’s because these treatments are established, non-invasive treatments that are regarded as best-of-breed within the beauty industry.  All of the treatments offered at the spa at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower are alternatives to laser treatments, fillers (like Botox), IPL facial, microdermabrasion, intense chemical peels or surgeries.   Look for these state of the art treatments:


The SKEYNDOR Global Lift facial (image via SKEYNDOR)

SKEYDNOR:  The SKEYNDOR Kobido and Global Lift Facial which combines Kobido facial massage techniques from Japan, with SKEYNDOR’s revolutionary Global Lift Facial to remove toxins, smooth out wrinkles and restore facial fullness.  If you’re looking for an alternative to  injectables and surgeries SKEYNOR offers a great treatment. There are some impressive case studies documenting the SKEYNOR Glow Lift treatment results , calling it the “facelift of the future.”  I just visited the Peak Health Club and had the new SKEYDOR couture facial, which is the ultimate pampering facial providing deep hydration at the cellular level.


A look at the HydraFacial MD treatment featuring the unique Vortex system “wand.”

HydraFacial MD:  Hydra Facial MD has been called the Ultimate HydraFacial Healthy Skin Treatment.  That’s because it combines the best components of a technology and personal skincare into a unique cleansing and regenerating facial.  With Hydra Facial MD, the skin is exfoliated, deep cleansed and then moisturized. Hydra Facial MD uses skin-boosting serums filled with anti-oxides, peptides and hyaluronic acid to repair, hydrate and protect the skin. I’ve personally had the Hydra Facial MD, and can attest to the benefits of it’s deep cleansing and the technology.


The Hydra Facial MD Edge System.

The facialist uses the Hydra Facial MD Edge System machine with its “four in one” Vortex Cleansing feature. In a single treatment, the client receives cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and Vortex “fusion.”  The Hydra Facial MD  technology can do deep extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads from pores.  I found the Hydra Facial MD  Vortex extraction to be far less painful that traditional facial extraction.   The Hydra Facial MD  system offers a type of suction treatment to literally pull impurities from clogged pores, almost like a vacuum pulls dirt from carpet fibers.  My facialist showed me the sebum and blackheads that were pulled from my skin with the Hydra Facial MD Edge System, and it was frankly amazing how much the machine was able to extract.


The author’s skin after receiving the Hydra Facial MD treatment.

After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, then the serums proprietary serums are introduced into the skin. My skin was literally glowing after the treatment.  I also noticed a reduction in red patches on the skin’s surface.  I was Hydra Facial MD had been on the market when I was teenager with acne–it might have eliminated many painful visits to the dermatologist’s office!  To get a better understanding of how Hydra Facial MD works, watch the facial demo here.

PHYTO5 _beaity_products

The PHYTO5 Beauty Products are based on Chinese medicine to rebalance energy in the body.

PHYTO5:  The Peak PHYTO5 Facial which combines the brand’s 5 Element and Ageless La Cure facials to deliver an aromatic and restorative facial therapy tailored to each individual’s skin care needs.  This Swiss skin care line contains natural ingredients like clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils. The facial is designed to cleanse and restore the body using the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine : Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Body Treatments & Massages

Body treatments include indulgent Spa Senses massages, wraps and polishes, as well as cellulite-busting mesotherapy from SKEYNDOR.   Getting rid of orange-rind like dimpled skin affectionately known as cellulite before summer swimsuit season is a priority for many women.

Manicures and Pedicures  

The spa menus offers a unique set of manicures and pedicures created by celebrity nail artist Deborah Lippmann – many treatments are not available anywhere else in central London.  Deborah Lippmann’s celebrated Rich Girl’s Manicure and Steppin’ Out Pedicure featuring her long-wearing couture nail colours complete the new menu.


An attention getter – Deborah Lippmann Virtual Insanity polish will be exclusively available in the UK at The Peak Health Club & Spa.

Ms. Lippmann, a sought-after manicurist to the stars, has also made her ‘Virtual Insanity’ iridescent purple shade exclusively available to The Peak’s guests in the UK.  Lippmann’s “Virtual Insanity” is truly the Purple Rain of nail polishes designed to get attention on a special night out.

Beyond Spa Treatments

In addition to its eight spa treatment rooms, The Peak Health Club & Spa features a state-of-the art gym with lovely views across Knightsbridge and nearby Cadogan Gardens plus an indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, two fitness studios offering more than 60 classes a week, golf simulator, a full suite of personal training options and The Club Room lounge for post-workout drinks or a nutritious bite.  If you’re staying at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, you’ll want to add visits to the health club to your stay.

The Peak Health Club & Spa in London

For more information on The Peak Health Club & Spa or to book a treatment, call +44 (0)207 858 7300 or visit the health club online.  The Peak Health Club and Spa is conveniently located near many of our favorites shops on London’s Sloane Street and Harrod’s on Brompton Road. A little shopping and a little personal beautification,  what more could The Recessionista ask for?


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