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Sneak Peak: Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2011

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Pictured: A sketch from designer, Fiona Cibani for Ports 1961.

Part of the experience of fashion as art is watching the evolution of a designer’s sketch into a finished garment on the runway at New York Fashion Week.  If you watch Project Runway, then you know that the each piece in a designer’s collection, starts with their creative vision which is a sketch.  Now, not all designers sketcher.  One of my vintage favorites, Irene Lentz-Gibbons, didn’t like to sketch.  When she was at MGM  hired someone to sketch for her.  Today, with the advent of technology the designer now longer has to be a great illustrator to render a sketch.  Computer generated programs can help turn vision into reality.

Today, I started to receive a few sketches from various designers for the upcoming September showings at New York Fashion Week. Above is the sketch I was sent from Ports 1961.  Ports 1961 has been a favorite of mine since I bought some of their exquisite dresses for professional wear a few years out of college. 

So what can we expect from Ports 1961 designer, Fiona Cibani on the runway?  Remember, the collections were previously lead by her designer sister Tia Cibani. However, it looks like Fiona has quite seamlessly stepped in.  As her sister’s creative partner  she was in a perfect position to continue her vision and the brand’s consistency.  As her sketch shows, warm colors and comfortable looking dresses will play a big role in the Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2011 collection. Fiona says she “draws inspiration from the magic allure of the desert. With delicate mirage abstractions and a landscape in constant evolution as her muse.” Sounds like Enya meets fashion.  Soothing designs for spring perhaps?  I can’t wait to see this collection.

PS–you can find deals on Ports 1961 every now and then at Gilt Groupe, Loehmann’s and sales at Saks Fifth Avenue.


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