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Solid Comfort: New Norma Kamali for the Holidays

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The solid comfort of the above NormaKamali outfit has literally saved my day. As I write this post, I am delayed at the airport after a long business trip. It seems my mission impossible is to get home. When I began the trip, it was an unseasonably warm 90 degrees in San Jose, California. Today, its about 50 degrees and there is a definite fall chill in the air. How many of us has this happened to? You set out on a business trip with multiple sets of clothes and you still can barely accommodate the weather changes. Thankfully, I had packed my good wool Barney’s NYC dress for an important business meeting today. After that, I was off to the hotel to speedily pack, change and rush to the airport hoping to make an earlier flight. Alas, that was not to be and here I sit. But here’s the good news, I am a sitting in solid comfort in the above pictured Norma Kamali outfit of sweats & leggings. Its beyond cozy….and best of all, inexpensive. From now on, this is going with me in my suitcase as my airport lounge wear. The sweatshirt is so soft & it has double layers of fabric trimming at the cuffs & the bottom of the shirt. The leggings are truly the most comfortable I have ever worn. No kidding. They have a great fitted waist band that really hugs me in the right places, and stops any slippage. For an extra fashion accent, the leggings have a great tuxedo pant like strip up the side. They are truly an upgrade from the average legging. I’m rocking some little black ballet flats with them just like in the pic, so I feel almost Audrey Hepburn-esque, ala “Funny Face.” If I run into any of my business colleagues here at the airport, I won’t look like a bag lady, which is always a plus 🙂
I had visions of sitting through the flight in a not so comfortable pair of jeans, or even my business dress. Did any of you see a certain reality show last season where the star of the show dissolved into tears at LAX because sweats had not been packed for her to wear on a red-eye flight? If only she had some NK in her bag, all that drama would’ve been avoided. Don’t let unseemly airport meltdowns bring you down 🙂 Pack your NK my recessionistas!
Here’s some more this great find. This little outfit & more are part of a NEW Fall Norma Kamali collection arriving this week. From Nov. 21-25th, this line will be available at the Norma Kamali flagship store in Manhattan @ 11 W 56TH St New York City. Best of all, there will be plenty of stuff for under $20.00 US, just in time for the holidays. The new holiday pieces include tanks, sweats, t-shirts, hoodies (ranging from $6-$8.00) plus more upscale work choices like Jersey dresses, skirts and pants. Check the Norma Kamali site for more pictures & news.
The collection will also be available at select Walmart stores and on the Walmart website. Note, if you don’t like cramped public places order online. Also, when I went to Walmart before I seriously think the clerks thought I was looking for “tamales” not “kamali.” So you might just want to point and click to order 🙂
If you live outside of the US, look for the Norma Kamali stuff on eBay.
Off to board now…big surprise, there has been an unexpected “gate change. “

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