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UFB! Norma Kamali at Wal-Mart??? Who Knew? And its fabu!

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In my recessionary journey through fashion, this is one of, if not the most, shocking discovery that I have made. Yes, one of my favorites, Norma Kamali has done a line for Walmart. Its just UFB (unfrigg’in believeable). Norma has style, class and beautifully draped fabrics, so I was just amazed that she could do reproductions for Walmart. How did I find out about this you might ask? Good questions, because really I have not seen an ad campaign for this anywhere! Nor, have I seen or read a review. I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago for a business trip…and there it was…gasp, Norma’s Walmart line in the window of her shop at 11 West 56th Street in New York. And all the stuff was either $15.00 or $20.00 US!!! Unfortunately, I did not have time to stop in Norma’s store to look over the goods. I resolved instead to pay a visit to Walmart in Los Angeles to check it out. What a mistake.
I have never been to a Walmart in my life. Its not like going out to Target or Kohls. The place was packed, jammed. The parking lot was full. There were lines at every register. Its like there was no economic downturn. I braced myself and dove into the woman’s section in search of “the get”, Norma’s line.
I couldn’t see anything, no store display, no racks nothing. Not to be deterred, since I had ventured into the mass of seething humanity coursing through the store, I asked two Walmart workers where the Norma Kamali woman’s line was. One said, “Who IS that? Did you look in the food section?” I smiled and said, “No she is a fashion designer. She is now doing a line of apparel for your store, its on your website.” The other Walmart worker replied, “We don’t know anything about it”. UGH, I had gone into that crowded store and sought parking in the jammed lot for nothing!
Dejected, I returned home to cruise the Walmart website and place an order. Those dresses in Norma’s NYC shop window just looked too good. So, dear reader, this story has a happy ending. Yesterday, I received my Norma red sweetheart wrap dress and its AMAZING! Its beautiful on. Great fit, lovely draping…and only, wait for it….$20.00!! Shipping was .97 cents. Now I understood why the line was so long to get into the store. This is going to be my holiday party dress. The fit is fantastic. Its cut true to size, not a size smaller than its label 🙂 I will also order the off the shoulder top, one of her signature pieces. The collection is truly her designs, and the fabric, although synthetic, does not look cheap. The fabric is polyester with some spandex. Recessionistas want to enjoy savings, but they want to be fashionable. This is the key, the quest is for the bargain that looks high-end.
So, a big thumbs up on Norma’s collection. And Walmart, please keep it all in stock at these wonderful prices. She is a classic, and now her wonderful designs are accessible to everyone! And if you are listening, please make us a knock-off of her fabulous, trademark $300.00 swimsuit! And this one too.
PS–to my friend “Texas Pete” and you know who you are…..I finally set foot in a Walmart and lived to tell the tale 🙂 You were right..there actually are some good things there. However, I still prefer the website to the shopping experience.:)
The line is also available at:

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