Sponsored Post: ELLE Magazine’s Editor Picks and Cal-a-Vie Health Spa on RueLaLa July 6th

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Just in case you didn’t get your summer shop on over the holiday weekend, shopping club RueLaLa is hosting a special sale tomorrow with style picks from ELLE Magazine Editor Kate Davidson Hudson.  I can’t say for sure if the sale will offer good values, but it maybe worth a look.  After all, it is ELLE Magazine. My spies tell me there will be lots of black & white looks, plus summer stripes on sale.  Look for designers including Charles David, beauty products from Tarte cosmetics, hats from Eugenia Kim and more. If you haven’t checked out RueLaLa, click here to join as my guest. I’m calling this a sponsored post because, in the interests of full disclosure, I do earn a referral fee from RueLaLa if you join the site, and purchase.  However, I am not urging you to buy, because I honestly don’t know how good the deals will be.  You’re literally going to have to tune in tomorrow, and check it out for yourself.  Other things on sale at RueLaLa tomorrow which I will be watching are sales on:

  •  Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati –very cute clothes
  • Cal-a-Vie Health Spa – Vista, CA — famous Southern California Health Spa near San Diego, CA

I’ve never been to Cal-a-Vie, but if the price is right, I just might book a trip tomorrow.  The Spa is known as  a great getaway for relaxation and a spot to loose some lbs (pounds that is.) If you watch Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels, then you might know that this is the place with the low-cal menu, and exercise routines that  Shannon Tweed embraced and Gene Simmons eschewed.  Gene was smuggling in hamburgers and junk food to the place.  Click here to see Gene on YouTube with his Carl’s Jr. stash. Note, this is not a place most men want to visit.  But for a girl’s weekend and a health escape with a good diet thrown in, it sounds amazing. Let’s just hope the prices as not only for rock stars tomorrow. 

If you check it out the sales tomorrow, leave a comment and let everyone know what you think. 


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