Zac Posen on Sale at and in-store

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If you’re looking for the clearance on Zac Posen for Target, it’s finally here. Both RackedNY and Target-Addict blogs reported that what is left of the collection is on the clearance racks at Target.  That lead me to check and sure enough, what is left is on sale online too.  Although pieces of all the Target Go Designer collections eventually hit the Target sale racks, there seems to be plenty of Zac at some stores.  The consumers have spoken, and clearly if the zipper doesn’t work, and the dress doesn’t fit, it’s not a bargain, no matter the price. It’s too bad, because Zac Posen is a talented designer, but some things clearly were amiss with the execution on this one.  Even the reviews on talk about some of the flaws. 

Here’s a sample review posted on the  Zac Tuxedo Jacket by reviewer “bitethebedbugs.”  “This blazer was fantastic for about 2 days. Then I noticed the seams at the back (where the sleeves meet the body of the jacket and in the middle) were tearing. I thought maybe it was because it’s a bit snug on me (definitely size up people). But then I went back to Target and looked at them on the rack and every single one of them had seems that were either pulling or completely ripped at the back. Definitely check!”

Even if it’s on sale, definitely check! Remember quality + price= bargain.  It’s not just about the name on the label.


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