Surprise! ships some Missoni items this week

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Pictured:  My favorite piece Missoni for Target Space Dye Turtleneck – Pink

To my utter amazement I came home to find a shipping bag from at my doorstep this weekend.  Even more amazing, the items I ordered from the Missoni from Target line prior to the site crash were actually inside.  I had despaired that I might never receive my order, especially after receiving email from Target that my order would not ship until October.  I also had an email from them asking me if I still wanted the items, and to confirm or my order might automatically cancel. It seems that poor is still hobbling along after their site’s crash.  Since changing to their own hosting platform from’s eCommerce hosting platform, the customer experience still seems poor. I miss being able to sign-in to the site with my Amazon account and doing the one step ordering.

Several of my friends report that they also received there orders. So appears that orders from the Target line are shipping, and not too far behind the launch date.  After the debacle of a the site crash, it seems Target is working hard to fill the Missoni orders.

Overall, I have to say the quality of what I ordered is pretty good! My favorite item from my order is the above pictured turtleneck with the gorgeous patterns of pink, purples and white worthy of their high end line.  I also got the blue maxi dress, and it’s a very good looking piece.  The dress is even fully lined, and fits beautifully.  For a $64.99 Missioni dress, this is definitely a deal. Of course, this is Missoni made in China, but if you’ve read the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster, then you may realize that most luxury goods are in fact made in China today, not just the discounted ones.

Margherita Missioni in the Target pieces from the August issue of Vogue

Of course, not everything from my order is good.  I’m not loving the sweater pictured above on Margherita Missoni in the August issue of Vogue in real life. The print panel on the front is completely see through and the flimsy material is not a good match with the knit sleeves and the back.  Just my opinion, but I’m not loving it and I’ll be returning it to my local store. I also got the swimsuit, and I love the design, I’m just still thinking about whether or not I like that zig zag pattern on a suit.


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