Underrated Elegance: Giorgio Armani Gowns at the Golden Globes

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Pictured: Actress Glenn Close in Armani Privé at Sunday’s Golden Globes. (photo via Armani

I thought some of the most beautiful, and under rated gowns at last Sunday’s Red Carpet at the Golden Globes were by Giorgio Armani. I just got my People Magazine, and I’m shocked that their best dressed   Globe picks didn’t include Armani.  In case you missed it, best  actress  nominee  Glenn  Close  wore  a custom designed navy blue velvet Giorgio Armani Privé evening gown.  I thought it was simply breathtaking! The strapless dress featured  a crystal-embedded  bust  detail that fell into front and back velvet  panels.  The  gown was cushioned by a flowing pleated chiffon underskirt that  peeked out at the hem and through dramatic side slits. For arm cover, Glenn wore a  matching velvet bolero, with oversized satin cuffs on three-quarter length sleeves.  Talk about making an impact statement.

Pictured: Actress Jodie Foster in a tailored Armani gown.  (photo via Armani)  

Also wearing Armani was long time fan Jodie Foster. Some of you may remember that Jodie wore Armani for each of her Oscar wins.   For the Globes, Jodi choose a mediterranean teal-colored custom designed Giorgio Armani gown. The dress was covered by dramatic beading featuring  an intricate  border  that  combined rosettes and multi-bead patterns.  I don’t think the photos do this gown justice. It truly was a work of couture art. I thought the strapless corset with its structured crescent-shaped  bustier was particularly well made. Jodie looked so elegant.  The cinched waist of her dress gathered into a beaded side ruffle,  following the length of the skirt.  Her dress was clearly the star and she didn’t wear any flashy jewelry to detract from it.   With some of the fashion atrocities at the Globes, I don’t know how these two elegant, understated looks escaped the notice of the fashion police. Perhaps it’s because both Glenn and Jodie aren’t seen as fashion trendsetters like Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron.  Also, I think that because Armani fashions are so consistently elegant and well done, that sometimes the designs literally fly under the fashion radar. I wasn’t as impressed with the literally over flowing Zac Posen fishtail gowns worn by Reese Witherspoon or Elle MacPherson as I was with the Armanis worn by Jodi and Glenn. What do you think readers?  Tilda Swinson, please contact Armani next year.  They can help.

If you admire the craftsmanship of Armani, as I do, but don’t want to pay their high-end prices, look for Armani classics at consignment stores and on eBay. I regularly buy Giorgio Armani pre-loved (pre-owned) at significant discounts over the retail prices by scouring consignment stores.  I remember reading once that Lauren Hutton said she had an Armani jacket that she has been wearing for over 20 years. This is a label that will hold its value.


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