More Missoni Back in Stock at Target and now on Clearance

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Pictured: One of the Missoni Sweaters back in stock at and on clearance.

I have to admit it, I’m continually amazed by the Missoni for Target retail debacle. First it was sold out and hoarded by eBayers who tried to sell it.  Now it’s being returned by those who I suspect couldn’t sell it for inflated prices. Every week I see more and more items back in stock at, with a few of them now on clearance. Some of the colorful women’s sweaters are back in stock online and selling for about 25% off of the original September retail price.  The cute little flats and shoes are also back in stock, although they are more fashionable than functional. The once sold out collection features 86 items back in stock and on clearance.

If you still want Missoni for Target, you might want to check out or eBay (eBayers are now lowering their prices.) Sadly, you won’t see Missoni back in stock at Target stores.  I saw some returned at my local Target last week and the clerk refused to show it to me, or let me buy it.  He said it was older than 90 days, so all of it was going to “salvage.” I take that to mean that is is going to Goodwill. How funny that this once red hot land rush for Missoni for Target budget collection now leads back to clearance items and Goodwill.  Now I wonder if the prices will go lower still, since the next big thing at Target will be Jason Wu.  What do you think? Will you order, or is the Missoni for Target collection no longer of interest? The bright side of the situation is that if you wanted some Missoni for Target and couldn’t get it, now you can get it for a discount over the original retail price. And you’re not paying the eBayers who hoarded it a profit—that’s the part I really like.


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