Victoria Beckham x Mango Review: Undersized and Overpriced

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Disappointing. For most pieces, Victoria Beckham x Mango only goes up to US size 8. This is very different that Mango’s regular lines, which offer larger and plus-size garments.  I was originally exited at the announcement of the the Victoria Beckham x Mango collection.  The collection had potential based on the Mango lookbook and marketing promotions, but at the end of the day, most of the pieces are  not worth investing in at their current retail prices and sizing.  Quite simply, the Victoria Beckham x Mango collections I is undersized and overpriced.

VB X Mango

The Victoria Beckham x Mango collection at the Los Angeles Beverly Center.

Dresses in the VB for Mango collection are priced from  $230.00 to  $320 USD  and suit jackets are $300.00+.   A transparent (unlined) black silk bias cut dress retails for $360 USD.  The styles are streamlined and chic to be sure, but the clothes are a bit unforgiving for anyone without a tall, slim build, similar to say, Victoria Beckham.  The black contrast semi-transparent silk shirt for $230 is ridiculous.  It’s completely sheer. Frankly, there are better made and better priced garments at Nordstrom Rack or on sale Neiman Marcus.

I liked the colour and sleek feel of the blue satin silk shirt, but because it only goes up to a size 8 US, I wasn’t able to button it at the bust.  This is the challenge for anyone with curves trying to wear some of the pieces in this collection.

Model Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham show off the slim fit of the Victoria Beckham x Mango collection (Photo via Mango on Instagram.) .

The small sizing in the collection reflects the slim silhouette of the designer.  The sizing ranges from only US size 2 or XS to size 8.  There is one slim cut pair of cream pants that I saw in a size 10.  Mango customers have already expressed their massive disappointment over the collection sizing on Instagram.  Quite simply, the Victoria Beckham for Mango collection is  not  size “inclusive.” Admittedly, some of the pieces, like the jackets, have a generous cut and can be worn by size 12 US.  The white cream collarless jacket is the one piece I really liked–but not for $320.00.

VICTORIA BECKHAM X MANGOSuit blazer without lapels

Trying on the VICTORIA BECKHAM X MANGO Suit blazer without lapels in white,

My prediction– you’ll will see some reduced prices on Victoria Beckham x Mango very soon.  There was plenty of it left on the racks and the consumers at the store I visited were more interested in other items from Mango.

If you’re looking for prices lower than the Mango prices for VB, check out  Victoria Beckham on sale at Shopbop.



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