Wayfair Review: Affordable & Stylish Home Furnishings

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You may have seen the cheerful ads for Wayfair on TV  advertising that they “have just what you need.”  Well, I recently purchased a few things on Wayfair (note: I paid for them, they were not gifted to me by Wayfair) and I have to say, Wayfair provides great items from furniture to rugs to decor for reasonable prices.

 Wayfair offers savings on all furniture, holiday decorations, kitchen essentials,  bed, bath and even appliances.   I turned to Wayfair for ordering some new furniture for a small space I have been decorating in San Francisco and the results have frankly been amazing.   As with every consumer purchase I always, urge my readers to  do your research and shop for quality. Wayfair makes that easy to do by providing real customer reviews (which I read religiously before I order)  and filters so that you can search to see what materials the items are made from.  For furniture, I always search by materials and I only buy items that are real wood, not pressed wood.   These materials might be a bit more expensive, but they are worth it.

Wayfair living room set

Wayfair living room furniture, accessories and decor.

So if you’re doing any decorating this holidays season, or plan to move in 2019, have a look at Wayfair. Ordering new things can be a lot cheaper than moving existing furniture across country or across state.   You will have to either set-up the furniture yourself, or pay for assembly, but it’s significantly cheaper than paying a moving company or most established furniture brands.  In my opinion, the quality of Wayfair, if you choose items with good review and good materials, is very good for the price.    Another Wayfair bonus is the incredible selection of goods.  There are pages,and pages of items to choose from.

Following are some of my curated picks from Wayfair that I ordered and love:

Hamburg+Armchair Wayfair

One of my Wayfair finds: the Hamburg Armchair on sale for approximately $243.00 US.


Branham TV Stand Wayfair

I splurged on this Branham TV Stand for $432.00 USD for my living room. It looks like a million!


My final Wayfair tip–I am not a handyman and I can’t use tools! I pay for assembly for all my Wayfair items which adds a bit of cost, but for someone with a busy lifestyle the Wayfair assembly options are well worth it.

wayfair black friday holiday sale

Wayfair offers a great selection of cheap and cheerful holiday decor items.

My next Wayfair adventure will be doing a little holiday decorating for Christmas from their selections.

Readers, have any of you tried Wayfair? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!





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