Welcome International Readers: The United Nations of the Recessionista!

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In checking the blog traffic this week, I noticed that we have alot of visitors from all over the world stopping by. As the NY Times article has been syndicated around the world, its clear that The Recessionista is striking a chord. After all, the recession knows no boundries and neither does The Recessionista blog.

I want to remind my readers that many of the tips posted here are not just for US visitors. All consumers around the world can benefits from the savings offered by coupons and signing up for your favorite retailer’s email lists. And don’t ignore the coupons that come in every Sunday paper insert around the world. Yesterday, I received several nice discount coupons from international retailer H&M. H&M is one of my favorite shops, with a nice mix of professional wear, casual pieces and party wear for the upcoming holiday season. The new H&M Comme Des Garcon collection will be available at H&M shops in Europe & Asia. Just remember to check their website for details.

If you’re looking to pick up a Target Anya Hindmarch bag, or a Kohl’s Simply Vera item, remember to look for them on eBay. Although the stores won’t ship worldwide, many eBay sellers will. I frequently use eBay to shop for items from overseas that are not available in the US. I bought many of the Giles Deacon New Look items via eBay.
Another savings tip, set up Google alerts on your favorite retailer. I love Google Alerts! Just sign up for a free Google account, and set up regular searches on your favorite retailers. That way, when they start their holiday sales, the news will be directly mailed to your in-box. Presto savings! Now is the time to set-up these things up, as we are all getting ready for a holiday season.
Lastly, I have received a special offer today for one of my favorite items to pass onto all my readers. I love Bergamot. As some of you know, Bergamot is the marvelous citrus flavor featured in Earl Grey tea. Recently, I discovered the most wonderful Bergamot candles from Travertine Spa. I wanted to offer them to all my readers for the holidays, because these candles turn your home into a relaxing Oasis of calm & peace. If you are interested, the candles are available for 40% off the retail price for Recessionista readers. Just click here, to check out the candles. They are listed at the bottom of the page. Enter the checkout code “recessionista” when you order to receive 40% off the retail price of $38.00 US. International shipping costs will apply, check the site for details. The candles are beautifully packaged and make perfect holiday gifts. The offer is good until this Saturday, Nov. 15th. Enjoy.

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