Review: Pringle of Scotland Knitwear at H&M

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If you’ve stopped into your local H&M store recently, you may have noticed an unexpected luxury brand bridge collection on the racks: Pringle of Scotland. The traditional knitwear brand has been given a  sporty spin in this  H&M collaboration.  I fell in love with this collection and I think it offers great winter wear at a great price.  H&M shoppers may not recognize heritage brand Pringle of Scotland.  For the conscious consumer, the collection is environmentally responsible using recycled polyester and organic cotton along.  The Pringle of Scotland x H&M collection features alpaca wool and smooth viscose fibers.  The collection offers quality for price and I think while these pieces may not last for years,  but they will be good for several season.  The price of an H&M Pringle of Scotland argyle sweater ranges from $19.99 to $49.99 USD, compared to Pringle of Scotland’s luxury branded sweaters that range from $500 to $700 USD or more.  If you’ve always coveted a Pringle of Scotland sweater but couldn’t afford it, or didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a piece of knitwear, Pringle of Scotland x H&M may be the best holiday gift ever!

Lovers of Pringle of Scotland’s heritage highland argyles will be pleased to see that these are part of this H&M collection – but without the high-end materials like cashmere and lambswool. Key pieces in the H&M collection include a sweater which boasts a patchwork of a retro-inspired diamond pattern with heavy ribbed wool, and a cropped, funnel-necked jumper with balloon sleeves. Traditional yarns are infused with the cool casual appeal in the collection’s’ oversized, raw-edged sweaters.  If you buy online, you may want to order your usual size and a smaller size to ensure propoer fit, you can always return the one that doesn’t fit well. The Pringle of Scotland x H&M collection feature body skimming sweater dresses with ring-pull zip closures,  comfortable hoodies, close-fitting leggings and slouchy hats and scarves.  All of these items are all printed with the Pringle logos designed to offer an “athleisure” style more typical of an atheletic brand.  It’s a cheeky update on the traditional Pringle of Scotland brand that has been in existence since 1815.

Pringle H&M mixed pattern sweater

My new sweater the Pringle of Scotland x H&M mixed panel Grey & Argyle Jacquard-knit Sweater priced at $34.99 USD

Mixed in with the Pringle apparel both online and in stores are a few H&M branded accessories like boots, a handbag, Conscious Collection jeans, pumps and chunky sneakers.  These are good style collection to go along with the Pringle piece.s. The chunky soled sneakers (made with thermoplastic rubber) are very good looking with lacing in the front and the back.  The sneakers are available online only, but I was able to see them on a mannequin at the H&M San Francisco store near Union Station.  I would’ve loved to have tried these on, but since they are online only, that’s not possible.  The sneakers really suit the casual style of the collection.

Pringle of Scotland x H&M sneakers

 H&M sneakers priced at $39.00 style with Pringle of Scotland x H&M leggings.

Pringle of Scotland x H&M offers comfortable and classy knitwear at a reasonable price. I highly recommend it for holiday gifts for yourself or friends.   See below for some of my curated picks from the H&M Pringle of Scotland collection.


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